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More Gold has been Mined from the Minds of Men than
has been taken from the Earth.
~ Napoleon Hill ~

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Covid-19, Economic Impact
& Personal Finance.

A Live Online Practical
Discussion & Interaction.

Understanding the PERSONAL IMPACT of the current economic disruption and what it means for ordinary individuals.

Drastic cuts or stoppage of
incomes & opportunities.

Perspective on the likely coming future.

How does one navigate
through the crisis & thereafter?

Date & Time.
To be announced soon.


FREE Introductory Session
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Updated & Revised.

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IiE: Investing in Equity
A fast track, intensive course on the must knows about the stock markets. Starts right from the basics. Ideal for newbies.
Available Online.

EqNS: Equity - Next Step
a Comprehensive & Very Practical Equity Course for the Very Serious. Course is now Available Online.

Fundamental Analysis - FA
all about financial ratios & FA based investing. Live exercises and calculations on where the markets are headed.
Available Online.

Technical Analysis - Dow Theory
Stock charts have amazing amounts of market intelligence embedded into them. Learn how to use TA for trading & investing.
Available Online.

Candlesticks Charting
a 2 day course an unique and very profitable approach to technical analysis.
Available Online.

Practical Stuff
3 full days to understand practical trading tool, trading insights and much more.
Available Online.

Technical Indicators Course
An In-depth & Comprehensive course on Indicators with Live Practicals.
Available online.

Derivatives - F & O Course
A comprehensive, hands-on course on Futures & Options starts soon. 
Available online.

UpComing Courses

Following Courses
will be announced soon:

Point & Figure Charting.
Elliot Wave.
Cyclical Analysis.
Advanced Dow Theory.
FA Based Investing Strategies.

and more

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Dr. Musa. MD, CMT.
Talk at ATMA - India
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IMR - India Markets Review

A WEEKLY Interactive, Live Review of the Indian Markets to seek out Investing & Trading Opportunities in the coming week.

       Every FRIDAY, 7.30 PM      

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1 lac to 2.37 CR

How to Grow Just 1 Lac to
(at least) 2.37 CRORES ...

By Applying Time Honoured Financial Concepts. NO Gimmicks, NO Fancy Stuff.

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FTD is a Mind Opener on Personal Finance

Learn how the system takes us for a ride & how we can all have 2-3x more wealth without working a single day more!

Traders & Investors Meet In-Person Meets.
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