1 lac to 2.37 CR


Did the title catch your attention? Ahh good !!  The official name of this programme is Free to Dream or FTD for short.

FTD is a compact, though provoking, interactive workshop on financial planing and its immense benefits. A workshop that shows you with real life examples:

1.  How YOU can meet all of life's financial challenges through disciplined, smart investing

2.  How YOU can generate a lot more Wealth by taking advantage of the Investing opportunities that the Indian Markets offer.

3.  How many folks are loosing several lacs due to poor financial advise & knowledge.

4.  Where are the Nifty & Sensex likely to be in 10 to 20 years?

How to Grow 1 Lac to (at least) 2.37 CRORES ...

By Applying Time Honoured Financial Concepts
NO Gimmicks, NO Fancy Stuff.

   Next Session:  

  SATURDAY, 11 Jan 2020, 11 am to 2 pm. 

BIC Office.
2nd Floor, 45, Netaji Road,
Fraser Town,Bangalore - 560 005.

Come over with your Family, Friends & Colleagues.
Remember it's FREE ... !!!

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  What should you expect?                                       

  • To fully evaluate your life from a financial standpoint. 
    • What are the opportunities & challenges.
  • To learn how to take advantage of the financial markets.
    • In a practical AND meaningful way.
  • The workshop is highly thought provoking, serious AND entertaining
    • Serious & Fun? How? Well, participate to really get the paradox!

  Workshop Contents ...

The workshop discusses amongst other things:

  • How & Why Time is your best friend in creating Wealth
    • But we are not using to our advantage.
  • How 95% of us are loosing several lacs.
    • Due to inadequate understanding of financial products - with a real life example that is applicable to almost every investing individual in India.
  • Do you know how much it costs to bring up a child in middle class India?
    • Are you REALLY prepared for it?
  • How much does it cost to retire?
    • Where will your retirement fund come from? What are your options?
  • What is the future of India's stock markets?
    • Where will the Sensex be in 10 / 15 / 20 years from now?
      • Why will it be there?
    • How to have a fortune by actually working less but working smart!
      • How to take ADVANTAGE of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity !!!
  • And lots more …
    • All backed by hard verifiable data!

  YouTube video of a session ...

YouTube Video

Warning: The live sessions are very interactive, thought provoking and LOTs of FUN. If you would like to attend or organise a LIVE session, please do get in touch with us.

  Some Photos ...

A Free to Dream Session.


  When & Where?

Date:      Saturday, 11 Jan 2020.
Time:      11 am to 2 pm..   
Venue:    Bangalore Investors Club, 2nd Floor, 45 Netaji Road, Fraser Town, Blr - 5

                                                            FREE ...
Bring your Family & Friends !!!

No Prior Knowledge is WELCOME !!
Curious & Questioning Minds are even more WELCOME !!!

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  FTD at Your Company / Club / Society ...

We are happy to deliver the workshop at organisations that invite us to deliver it to their members - subject to certain conditions. Please do Contact Us and we will be happy to discuss the Free to Dream workshop for you.

Organisations where FTD has been hosted:

Ingersoll Rand, Motorola, Lintas, Maxxus, St. John's Hospital, Baptist Hospital, Syniverse, Systemica Telica, Citec and more. 

  Want to Participate?

The Free To Dream workshop is OPEN TO ALL.

It is offered to groups and we have delivered the Free To Dream workshop at software companies, NGOs, hospitals and community groups. We have had students, professionals, businessmen, housewives and grandparents particiapte in it.

And by the way, if you have very little or zero understanding of the financial world, we will be very happy.

  Testimonials ...                                                                     

In simple terms you uncovered many aspects of managing one's finance that I had never given heed to. I am still amazed at your explanation on how time plays the most significant role in wealth creation & we neglect it most. Overall it was quite stimulating & thought provoking.
Thank you for the session.

The FTD workshop was very good! For me it set a good direction of what needs to be done for financial security and success, plus a hint of how it can be achieved.

If I had to add a suggestion - a brief overview of how people like us can engage with the markets would be helpful - as investor, trader, short/ long term, part/full time, capital requirements, equities, MFs, derivatives, expected returns by asset class.

Would like to have a 1-1 session with you to talk about this, if your time
permits. Will send you a separate mail on that.

Thanks again,

The session was real informative and an eye opener - thanks alot. Left me with a feeling of having missed the bus and felt that you need to incorporate suggestions for ppl who are 45+ or 50+  who need more encouragement and maybe need to still get into the financial planning  fray 'better late than never'. Incidentally, I am getting into the above age category very soon and felt maybe doing some equity courses maybe counter progressive. 

Just my view point ok don't really know if any others felt the same way.

ps: your presentation really made me think hard.

"Free to Dream" session was really good, came to know about simple mistakes that we make in selecting insurance policy. Got to know how we waste our energy and time in earning money but not make money earn for us.

The fear of loosing money and to avoid tension on mind people (including me) don't invest in stocks. It is actually LACK of Knowledge that creates this fear. This was clearly explained in class.

Thanks a lot of the wonderful eye opener session.

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