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FinPlan: Financial Planning Overview

We all dream of having a better life and strive hard towards our goals. We work, we earn and some of us, well Invest with the aim of creating resources to fulfill our life goals, desires and more. Many of us however, can have a much better future if we invest some time and effort to learn the foundations and principles of Financial Planning.

The course covers exactly that. Further it goes into the important, MUST KNOW aspect of commonly used financial products (life insurance, mutual funds, debt schemes, tax planning tools etc) to give the participants a sound understanding of these products. 

At the end, the participants would be able to select the right investment products that suits their needs after evaluating their financial futures with a fact based, objective assessment of various Life Goals that are specific to them in addition to the many common to most of us: a House, Planning for the Kids Futures', Retirement, Car(s), Holidays, and more ...

The course is offered in two formats: Over 4 full days, usually spread over two weekends OR over 10 three hour sessions usually on weekdays.

Course Contents & Dates ...                                                      

Session 1
What is Financial Planning?, Importance of Financial Planning.
Inflation & Interest Rates: how they impact you, Personal Inflation Rates, REGR - Real Effective Growth Rate.
Time, Time, Time
Value of Time, Making time your partner, Starting small.
Howe much surplus, how will it increase or decrease?

Session 2
Defining Life Goals.
Security, Essentials, Comforts & Luxury.
Facts, Figures & Factors to consider in planning for:
Cost of Living, Bringing up kids, Having a house, Healthcare, Holidays, Retirement, Inheritance, Aspirations ...

Session 3
Financial Security & Insurance
Life Insurance - how does it work?
Types of life insurance policies.
Advantages & Disadvantages of each type.
Awareness of unethical practices in the industry.
Health & General Insurance - types & choosing the right one.
Applying for insurance - important considerations & KYC.

Session 4
Debt - what is it really?
Types of Debt Instruments: Fixed Deposits, PPF, NSC, MIS, Company deposits, ...
Aspects to consider when investing in debt.
Debt based Mutual Funds – Opportunities & Problems.
Common misconceptions about debt.
Is Gold a good investment?
Physical, Paper & Electronic Gold.

Session 5
Equity ... separating myths & facts. Mutual Funds
Types of Funds, "Loads" in mutual fund schemes.
Evaluating mutual fund performance, sources of information & selecting the right fund.
SIP & Lump-sum investing.
Mutual Funds & Financial Planning.
Common Mutual Fund myths.
Application formalities and

Session 6
Principles of loans & types of loans.
Secure & Unsecured loans, Floating vs Fixed rate, Advance & Arrears.
Calculating EMIs.
What do banks look for?
Factors to consider before & when applying for a loan.
Mortgage & Reverse Mortgage.
Credit Cards - boon or bane?
The loan industry, its structure, how it works & conflicts of interest.

Session 7
Real Estate
Retail public and Real Estate.
A house to stay, as an investment, for income …
Rent vs Own.
Factors to consider when investing in real estate.
Retirement & Kids Futures.

Session 8
Creating your Financial Plan …
Putting down the numbers …
Selecting the products …
Starting, Monitoring, Staying up-to-date …
Tax planning & Financial Planning.


  Course Presented by ...                                                          

The course will be delivered by Dr. Musa R Kaiser. MD, CMT. Click Here to know more about the Course Presenter.


  Sessions Format ...

The Financial Planning course is presented over 2 full day sessions. The course setting is a semi-formal one. All important & relevant aspects in each topic of Financial Planning are discussed in detail. The emphasis is on the practical aspects of the process and how various issues are inter-related.

The Course can be also be delivered in a modular form. Contact Us for any special requirements such as In-House programmes etc.

There is generous use of easy - to - understand facts & numbers which the participants are encouraged to use in creating their own, individualised financial plans.


  Ideal For ...

Those who recognise that Financial Education and Literacy can and does make a huge positive difference to their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Those who understand that there is are significant gains in choosing the right investment products with ones own needs & goals as the only considerations. Those who recognise that it is in their own self-interest to take charge and control of their financial futures rather than leave it to the "system". (Remember the system serves its own interest, not yours necessarily!)

  What can you expect ?

1. A sound understanding of the principles of Financial Planning.
2. A good view of your OWN future and the financial challenges you will face.
3. A practical plan to confidently and effectively deal with the challenges by taking maximum advantage of the various investment products in the markets.
4. Being aware of the various malpractices in the financial services industry. This
itself WILL earn you several lacs by avoiding getting duped into these unethical but widespread practices.
5. Knowing where one needs to focus in order to have the great life that we all aspire for.

  When & Where ?

Next Workshop:     10 WeekDAY evening sessions. Starting on Mon 20 Jan 7-10 pm.
                               Please contact us for further dates.

Timings:                 9.30 am to 6.30 pm all days.
                BIC Office, 45, Netaji Road, Fraser Town, Bangalore – 560 005.

Registrations OPEN. Contact Us for details or Click Here to Register your interest in any of our courses.

1.5km from Commercial Street / Cantonment Railway Station / Ulsoor Lake. 300m from Santosh Hospital, Coles Park, Fraser Town. We are located in the Service Road near Surya Kiran Apartments / P K Dept Store. All city buses from 290 to 299 from all stations stop at the "Coles Park" bus stop.

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  Fees ...                                                                                   

Full / Spot Registration: Rs. 20,000/-

Introductory Early Bird Price: Rs. 16,950/-

Couple & Group Offer:
see below ....

Special Discount Offers:

Couples (Hubby & Wife!) Special: Personal Financial Planning is a FAMILY oriented process and not so much an individual-centric process. And it really does make a big difference if BOTH hubby & wifey participate in the process. To encourage this and in recognition of the family-centric focus of FinPlan, BIC is happy to offer the following:

Couples attending the same course together:
Rs. 10,050 OFF for the 2nd person.
A total fee of Rs. 29,950 (vs 40,000) for the two of you. - BEST OFFER !

Groups of 5 and above: Rs. 1,000 discount per person on the above fees.

Early Bird Fee is Rs 15,950 and Spot Registration Fee is Rs 19,000
To avail this discount, the group must register together.

Fee are all inclusive of course fees, materials, refreshments & taxes.
Fees can be paid by cash / cheque / online transfer. Contact Us for details.

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