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BIC Agri FARM Visit 1 Announcement ...

Minutes of Meet One are here.
Minutes of Meet Two are here.

Dates:   Wed, 25 December one day trip

Ibrahim's 62 acre work-in-progress farm about 100 km from here towards Tumkur, bordering the
Dadagondanahalli forest.

6.45 AM - Assemble at Metro Cash & Carry Yeshwanthpur entrance.

7.00 AM - Depart in convoy. 120 km distance.
Most folks are coming with their vehicles & have offered to car pool.
For those who would like to join a car pool, there is plenty of space so just come over & we shall figure out there. (Worst case is a buy ride to Tumkur from where we shall have many options).

9.30 - 10 AM - Arrive at Ibrahim's farm.
Note: I propose a breakfast stop along the way.
You WILL need the energy to for all the walking at the farm!

10 AM to Evening:
Guided tour of the 62 acre farm by Ibrahim.
Vegetarian Lunch & Teas have been organised at the farm.

5.00 PM - Proposed Departure.
Folks who would like to visit the neighbouring Dadagondanahalli forest to see deers & nature can leave earlier (after lunch) and proceed / rejoin us as we leave.

Cover Fee:
Rs. 300 per adult.
Rs. 200 for children from 8 to 15.
Free for kids below 8.

Kindly note
: Fee includes lunch at the farm &
admin expenses.
Fee does NOT include transport & any other expenses.

Self - organised.
Car - Pool: can you offer car pooling?
Need support: let us know if you want to join a car pool.
Transport charges: Will be notified depending on venue, etc. Suggestion: Benchmark transport cost to KSRTC Rajhamsa bus charges.

Are you coming ??? !!!
Please revert to this at the earliest by replying to this post.
Programme & details will be updated on an ongoing basis.

Send in your:
i.   Own transport.
ii.  Offering Car for Car-Pool.
iii.  Need to join a car pool.

Thank you all for your interest & looking forward to a great trip.
Feel free to revert with any queries, suggestions and comments. Call me on 93419 67573.

Looking forward to many such trips and a good start to several such more trips in the coming weeks & months.

Wishes & Riches,

BIC Agriculture:

This has been in the "works" for several months now and I believe it's time to give it a shot to see if there is wider interest.

I have personally been casually interested in Agriculture as a broad topic for many years now. However, in the last few months, I have been giving it more thought and done some basic background reading & discussing on various aspects of
Agriculture. BIC also organised some really eye opening visits to some farms including Manjunath's Gerbera farm. This & other stuff prompted me to relook at my interest at a deeper level and I have started investigating the matter.

In the meantime, there are a few folks in BIC who have expressed their individual interests in casually / seriously going into Agriculture in the next few months to years. There have been many tea-break time discussions during BIC Courses about
Agriculture & some of these discussions have turned quite interesting & passionate.

In a nutshell, there seem to be more folks that I imagined who want to look at
Agriculture seriously. I am sure will really get into into seriously soon enough. I hope to be one of them.

Looking at the above, I am proposing to start a grouping in BIC whose sole purpose is to Learn, Investigate & Discuss
Agriculture IN-DEPTH.

Some thoughts

The group will organise visits, talks & seek resources & anyone who can further the goal of facilitating folks to get into "professional"
Agriculture. If some BIC Members successes are anything to go by, then we all have plenty of hope & a happy, nature friendly, pollution free & very profitable future ahead for those who are SERIOUSLY COMMITTED to Agriculture.

Please note that for now, this is a very broad canvas & I am NOT looking at anything specific in
Agriculture . The group will evolved and will look at EVERYTHING - from simple plant & leave approaches to hi-tech, scientific Agriculture. The idea is to get in touch with the vast universe that is Agriculture & see where this takes us in the future. The group members will self organise, self fund, self decide the future course of action.

Are you interested in being a part of BIC Agriculture?

Then go ahead and fill this form.

Fill in your details, a brief of what you are interested in, what you would like the group to do & if there are any resource (ideas, people, contacts, visits, information, expertise, fun, enthusiasm, anything !!) you can offer to the group. Remember, it's all about collaboration.

Based on inputs, we shall decide the next steps.
Looking forward,

Green Wishes & Riches