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1st meet of BIC Agri - Minutes ...

Minutes of the BIC Agriculture Brainstorming meet of 1 Dec 2013.

1st & foremost: Fill this form if you are interested in being in the loop of BIC Agriculture.

This mail does NOT do any justice to the level of participation & enthusiasm that there was at the meet. If you missed this meet, well, you really missed the energy at the meet! So you will really need to imagine the passion with which some of the following statements were made.

I have taken the liberty of adding a few lines of each person by way of introduction. The idea is to give a context to folks & also impress upon others what the person must have gone through to put their heart & soul in their respective projects & their plans for the future.

Before moving on, here is a list of folks who wanted to be present but could not make it for various reasons

14 folks: Asha - Intel, Balki - MindTree, Bharath - GE, Shree Harsha - TCS & wife, Jayashree - Phillips, Lakshman - HP, Prijesh - CiscoWebex, Revathy - Oberio, Satheesh , Siddharth - AdapChain, Sumanth - Mphasis, Vidya & Vijay from Chennai.

Note: This above list is only of those who sent in their interest. I am sure there are many others who are interested who are on the sidelines & will probably join as we go along.

Those who attended the meet:

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Professor of Dental Surgery at St. John's Hospital, Bangalore.
Silent observer & hospitality host of the meet.
Thank you Afrose for all that you do for BIC :)

Ex-Executive Chef at the Taj, Sheraton & others marquee hotels in London & India.
Ex-Advisor, Global Private Wealth Banking, ICICI Bank, Bangalore.
Now: Equity markets, his own patiserrie.

Chandan talking about various folks & projects he knows of first hand who have been super successful on small acerage plots. His mention of the Pomegranate farm which is making handsome profits was the highlight. He offered to organise a trip to this professionally run farm. Watch this space.

Ibrahim Khan

Ex-Nokia Finland. Telecom Specialist; has rolled out 15 mobile networks in Eastern Europe, ex Russia & Africa.

Tremendous & fantastic practical knowledge. Has investigated best practices in Agriculture in Europe last 10 years. Let it all to now develop his own 62 acre farm near Tumkur single handedly!

What he shared captivated everyone at the meet. Just a few points here:
He is developing infrastructure in line with global best practices to host 500 milk cows, 2000 sheep & 10,000 chicken. Also doing Gerkhins (with a 4x the normal yield), vegetables & all related crops.

Also spoke on legal issues, labour challenges, corruption & other practical stuff.
He is happy to receive any visitors to his farm. We shall be organising trips to his farm soon.

Hats off to Ibrahim for his commitment, hard work, vision & energy. Looking forward to learning lots from him.

Garment exporter & real estate developer. Deep first hand knowledge of practical issues of land acquisitions, costs, availability. Very well acquainted with issues around Bangalore specifically & Karnataka generally. Also knowledgeable about land issues in TN & AP.
Has his own small 4 acre farm house on Sarjapur Road with a variety of activities on it.

Spoke on what he felt was the scope of agriculture practically.
Is interested in professional agriculture, sheep breeding & english vegetables.

Full time employee of Mphasis, Bangalore.
But heart & soul in his 1+ acre Gerbera farm 16 km from Hassan.
Also grows over 15 varieties of vegetables & fruits organically on another 2 acres.

Spoke of his experience, financial outcomes, challenges, labour issues of his Gerbera farm. Manju has single handedly taken a 40 lac+ loan for his project, an amazing level of courage for a normal middle class person & struggled for 2 years to make it successful. He is now enjoying the fruits of his success & plans to expand his greenhouse shortly.

BIC had organised a visit to his farm a few months back.
Will organise another one soon.

Mintu Ghosh
IT chap, has family land in West Bengal.
Interested in acquiring as much knowledge & ground experience as possible with a view to do something on his land in the future.

Rags & Mrinalini.
Husband & Wife team, both in IT and both looking forward to their own patch of a few acres in a few years. Want to learn how to go about it right from the scratch.

Real estate developer.
General interest in agriculture. Shared his experiences with legal issues of buying agricultural land in Karnataka.

Coordinator for BIC Agriculture.
Doctor, Trader & Investor in equity markets. Facilitator for BIC Courses.

Expanded on the idea behind BIC Agriculture & that it's basically a serious exploration of the world of agriculture. Wants to do field visits, make contacts with folks who can Mentor him in agriculture, looking for practical knowledge & hands-on insights into what individual folks can do in agriculture in a practical, feasible & consistent manner that is profitable & long term.

Aerospace, Precision Engineering & multiple businesses.
General interest in agriculture.

Ex-IT. Now a full time trader.
Would like to peruse agriculture if he finds it lucrative in the future.


British Petroleum. Global Supply Chain. Nutritionist & Tai Chi practitioner.
General interest in agriculture. Organic farming and back-to-basics approach.

Thim Das Prakash
TCS, Shuttles between Bangalore & Shanghai.
Spoke on benchmarks of global productivity vs Indian farm productivity. Interested in organic milk farming.
Has close friends in active farming. Will be organising talks & visits.

General interest in agriculture. Wants to have his own 5-10 acres in a few years.

Global Transfer pricing at Deloitte.
Interested in professional agriculture. Has basic exposure to Coffee & Pepper but at a non-professional level.

The meeting ended with a request for folks to send in their ideas, requests, a brief about what they are looking for & what they can offer.

Further action will be based on inputs based on what the group wishes to pursue.

Announcement of the 1st Meet:

Hello BIC Green !!!

I must say its been a completely unexpected response to the BIC Agriculture post.
The post has indeed uncorked deep interest to say the least !!

I am more than surprised at the range of responses right from simple interest to those doing multi-hundred acre projects & are willing to share their experiences & some who are even ready to invest !!! WoW, simply wow is all I can say.

I know it's short notice and all  I am scheduling the following meeting. If you are keen to be part of BIC Agriculture, please please make it convenience to attend if you can and share your valuable ideas & enthusiasm:

Date:      Sunday, 01 Decmeber.
     5 to 8 PM (Longer depending on brainstorming!)

Venue:   BIC Office. 45 Netaji Road, Fraser Town, Bangalore - 560 005.
              Click Here for directions.

Fees:     FREE

To Brainstorm on BIC Agriculture.
Folks can introduce themselves, share their ideas, an open session.

What resources we have & can be brought / offered to the group.
How we can structure the idea, how we can organise, what we want to do, not do ...
How to keep the Momentum up ...

Are you coming ??? !!!

If you are coming,
please revert with a reply to the above mail that you are attending.
If you can't come, then also let us know of your interest and we shall keep you in the loop.

Really excited & looking forward to the meet,
Wishes & Riches,