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2nd meet of BIC Agri - Minutes ...

Minutes of the BIC Agriculture Brainstorming meet of 14 Dec 2013.

1st & foremost: Fill this form if you are interested in being in the loop of BIC Agriculture.

This mail does NOT do any justice to the level of participation & enthusiasm that there was at the meet. If you missed this meet, well, you really missed the energy at the meet! So you will really need to imagine the passion with which some of the following statements were made.

Those who attended the meet:

Photos are here on BIC FB page.
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Sujay Patil, Ponachha, Ananth Pai, Nagashree & Harsha, Sumanth, Kumar, Shekhar, Nagesh & Ibrahim. An apology: There were two more folks & forget to note their names down, request you to kindly let me know ..., Thanks.)

It was a general discussion of the BIC Agriculture initiative. Some specific suggestions were made regarding scheduling of visits & talks: to do them on public holidays so that more folks could come for the visit.

Some folks spoke of references they have and could organise trips or talks by people in the field. Ibrahim spoke of his experiences in more detail and answered many queries by the participants from a very hands-on practical stand point.

A visit to Ibrahim's farm has been organised on Wed, 25 Dec.

Announcement of the 2nd Meet:

Hello BIC Green !!!

I must say its been a completely unexpected response to the BIC Agriculture post below. The post has indeed uncorked deep interest to say the least !!

There have been quiet a few of you who have registered their interest on the BIC Agriculture GDocs. If you have not, please do so now -
Fill this form to register your interest.

I am more than surprised at the range of responses right from simple interest to those doing multi-hundred acre projects & are willing to share their experiences & some who are even ready to invest !!! WoW, simply wow is all I can say.

Please make it convenience to attend and share your valuable ideas & enthusiasm:

Date:      Saturday, 14 December.
     5 to 8 PM (Longer depending on brainstorming!)

Venue:   BIC Office. 45 Netaji Road, Fraser Town, Bangalore - 560 005.
              Click Here for directions.

Fees:     FREE.


1.  To present & review the interest that has been posted on the
BIC Agri GDocs.

2.  Based on the review, to share Concrete & Time-Bound ideas & plans on how we want to move forward.

3.  To fix dates for proposed visits to various farms, talks by those already in agriculture, attending any events, conferences, etc ...

4.  Anything else that folks would like to bring up & discuss.

Are you coming ??? !!!

If you are coming,
please call on 93419 67573 & let us know that you are attending.
If you can't come, then also let us know of your interest and we shall keep you in the loop.

Really excited & looking forward to the meet,
Wishes & Riches,