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  Attend a BIC Session for FREE

BIC's membership literally grows on a daily basis, especially on our yahoo groups mailing list. In order to facilitate interaction and meet our new members,

We invite you to:
Attend any ONE BIC Session for FREE.
No Charges, No Obligations, No Commitments !

As usual, when things are free, there is the fine print:

1.  This is ONLY for those who have never attended a BIC Session earlier.

2.  You can attend ONLY ONE session or event for FREE, unless of course its an announced Free (eg: Free to Dream sessions).

3.  A Session is defined as any 2-4 hour block during a BIC Course or Event.

4.  You cannot attend two halves of two sessions over four hours.

5.  Suggestion: Attend either a morning session (9.30 am to 1 pm) or afternoon session (2.30 pm to 6.30 pm) in full. That way, you will really be able to take away value.

6.  Kindly do not walk-in in the middle of a session.

7.  Please let us know in advance that you would be coming. Seats are always limited.

8.  If you choose to attend the full course or event after the free period, the normal fees will apply and will need to be paid in cash before continuing to attend the rest of the event.

9.  Some special events and activities will not have the free attend option. Please confirm if the session you wish to attend has the Free Attend option.

10.  Feel free to forward this information and share this webpage link with anyone in your circle. Thank you :)

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