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As the world has become more and more integrated, inter-dependent and seamless, we are being impacted by all sorts of forces that are occurring across the world. Amongst these are forces that we ordinarily are unaware of in our daily lives but never the less impact us directly, individually, silently, profoundly and for the long term.

It's not that these forces have not been impacting us earlier but their collective impact of our individual and family's lives has grown manifold. It is high time that we become aware of these forces and attempt to understand how and when they might impact our lives.

And we need to do this, if not for ourselves then for our children's futures!

To facilitate this, BIC is launching BIC Insight, a series of discussions (not lectures!) on these topics with the sole aim of facilitating an active discussion amongst us ordinary folks. We hope that these discussions will help create awareness and prepare us for the almost certain significant upheavels that will occur in our societies, cultures and economies in the years ahead.

You are invited to join us for these discussions. Join us; be a backbencher if you like or volunteer to speak, do research, help organise ... anything ... we really need to do this.

We are looking to make BIC Insight a vibrant high quality discussion platform where all folks can engage in a discussion of Global / Macro issues and connect the dots to how they impact us personally - the Butteryfly Effect!

On a side ...
The Butterfly Effect is attributed to Lorenz Attractor, a meteorologist (weatherman :) who in 1963 said "one flap of a seagull's wings would be enough to alter the course of the weather forever".

In 1972 this idea evolved into the a talk at the American Association for the Advancement of Science with the title: "Predictability: Does the Flap of a Butterfly's Wings in Brazil set off a Tornado in Texas?"

Completed Sessions ...

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1.  European & US Debt issues - peering into the future. Sun 11 Sep 11.
2.  Trading Systems - Design & Practical Concepts. on Sun 13 Nov 11.

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A sampling of issues ...

Note:  All of these issues are long term and will impact you in the near and long term. Life decisions you make about them now will impact you and your family in the years and decades to come.

1.  The US, Europe Debt problem?
This is something that will not go away soon and will probably take many years to "fix".
In the meantime, we will have the politics and ego issues about it !!
How many of us know about the Debt Supercycle and how it plays out?

2.  New Taxpayers coming into the system vs Old Taxpayers wanting things out of the system.
This could cause several financial and social problems. We are already seeing this in Europe with youths taking to the streets due to austerity measures but the oldies demanding their dues as they have paid taxes.

3.  Rising Youth Unemployment - a lost generation?
In India we don't really see this as a problem but significant issues are building up.
There are far too many 25-35 year olds in the US and esp in Europe who don't have jobs.
India is not creating jobs fast enough. What could this lead to?

4.  Slowing global economy ... how does one fix it?
Unfortunately, there are really no easy solutions to this any more - as seen in the growth in the US last 4-6 quarters which has now stalled. Is a Depression next and if so, how long will it last?

5. Commodities - are they headed up or down?
There is this whole ongoing and unsettled debate about what next for Commodities.
If growth slows, their prices should fall; if QE3 happens, then they could rise?
How do we watch for the signs?

6.  Emerging Markets - Inflation vs Growth?
Certainly no easy answers on this for the central bankers and the governments.
If they don't grow then you can have local social problems. If you do grow (i.e. lower interest rates), then Inflation is a kicker. But Inflation itself in EMs is perhaps equally from cheap money in Developed Economies - so what do you do?

7. US Dollar vs Chinese Renminbi.
Is the USD loosing its status as a Reserve Currency? Is the Chinese Renminbi really coming up? What are the things that are happening in the world that give any indications of this. Some really interesting stuff on this out there.

8. Politics - stalling any progress?
Whether its the US, Europe or India, politics really seems to be hurting people and economies. What should be done is there but across the world, political will power to do it is simply not there. Will be have several more crises locally and globally before things improve?

9.  Environment - taking a backseat again?
While all this happens, there are certainly more and more environmental disruptions that are happening? Are we, yet again, ignoring this issue as the more urgent economic issues have take center stage? What about water scarcity and all?

10.  YOUR Suggestions ...
This by no means a comprehensive list and many more topics should be here.
If you would like to chair a discussion on any of these or any other significant topic, then please do contact us with your suggestions and inputs. We would be very happy to hear from you!

We really have to engage in these issues for our and our children's futures.
There will be Challenges & Opportunities which go way beyond just investing but will probably impact just about everything in life ...

The question is: Are you going to?