About Us

  Our Mission                                                                                  

To Profit from the Abundance of Wealth Generating Opportunities that the World offers to All of Us on a day-to-day basis

and the key to this ...

To Have the Ability to See the Opportunities And Have the Knowledge, Insights, Skills & Experience to take Advantage of them.

  Our Endeavour                                                                            

To Facilitate an Environment where Individuals & Organisations share Knowledge, Skills, Insights and Experience in Wealth Generation & Preservation, Investing & Trading and Entrepreneurship

We are also interested in Expressing and Developing our Talents, Realising our Dreams, Contributing to Society and Having a GREAT life!

  Our Quest for Knowledge                                                           

Whether a Beginner or a Professional, you can benefit with our  Structured Learning Programmes on Investing & Trading, Stock Markets, Commodities, Gold, Financial Planning, Mutual Funds, Life Insurance, Tax Planning & Saving, NCFM & AMFI Training and more
The Courses are designed for the Common Man and Emphasise the Practical aspects.  All You need is an Open Mind and a Keen Interest to know how Wealth is truly made.
We can also customise programmes for Corporates, NGOs, and any Special Groups. Please Contact Us if you have any requirements.

  Our Wealth Creators                                                                  

Meet BIC Folk who knew nothing about investing; are now independently making their own investing & trading decisions AND are producing consistent results.
Meet some of the Success Stories and Discover what Financial Education, Patience and
Perseverance can do for YOU!

  What we are up to                                                                       

Bangalore Investors Club was started in October 2005 with a small group of 4 people which has now grown to 2,000+ members and we are growing everyday.

What brings, binds and keeps us together is the Common Desire to LEARN & SHARE Knowledge about Wealth, Money, Finance, Investing, Trading and all related matters to Generate & Preserve Wealth. 

We endeavour to demystify the jargon and present the concepts & ideas in a practical and actionable way such that anyone with basic education and common sense can understand and benefit from.

To facilitate this, we have our sessions in a non-formal, lively and simple setting. There are no obligations, must-dos and expectations to stifle you. It's an open space that celebrates people's creativity, encourages the exchange of ideas, experiences and dreams - to live a richer life. 

Whether you are a student, housewife, software professional, engineer, doctor, businessman, retired person or whatever background, you are most welcome and you are very likely to feel comfortable with the group ... the only requirement is a keen desire to learn about investing & wealth and a working knowledge of English.

We are also building a COMMUNITY of like minded people interested in the Creation & Preservation of Wealth. This Community is a place where people can feel free to express their dreams & aspirations and look forward to receiving whole-hearted, no-strings-attached support for their endeavours. We've spent many great times together and we look forward to forming cherished life long relationships with many people with a great heart, a passion for life and a willingness to support others - why? - well, just for the heck of it!

  Who's behind BIC  

Dr. Musa R Kaiser. MD. CMT.
is the main presenter for the BIC Courses. His detailed profile is here.

Dr. Musa is a recipient of the highly coveted and globally recognised CMT Charter from the MTA - USA. As on date, there are around 1,8000 active CMT Charter holders worldwide, of which less than 90 are from India. View the full list here.

A medical doctor by training. He was selected on an all India basis for his MBBS by Armed Forces Medical College, Pune (AFMC), Mysore Medical College (all India CBSE), Bangalore Medical College (Karnataka merit) and St. John's Medical College (one of five all India merit seats for non-Catholics). He choose to peruse his MBBS & MD from St. John's Medical College, Bangalore.

In 2001, his long standing interest in finance and the need to manage his family's finances came together and in time, he discovered the world of finance & quickly realised that there is huge opportunity in managing one's finance's much better and therefore generating larger returns which in the long term means generating a lot more wealth.

He also the Founder and CEO of Assets (Penny Wise, Pound Wiser) - a financial services advisory and management set up that primarily focuses on Individuals & Families and also on Small & Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) and Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs). To know more about Assets and their services, click here to email them.

Afrose Parveen

BDS, MDS, Professor & HoD of Dept of Dental Surgery at St. John's Hospital; has her own clinic Sparkles Dental and a keen investor. Amazed by the Fibonacci Phenomenon she uses it for her trading and investing with considerable success. Definitely amongst the most liked person at BIC since she makes sure that everyone gets what he/she came for - and more!

Afrose organises all BIC events and makes sure everything is done well. She also ensures that BIC is not only a place for "just" learning but also a place where participants explore other aspects of life by engaging in other activities like outings, food jaunts and more.


Rejenish Umapathy

Want an insiders view on the trends, problems & opportunities of the Information Technology industry in India & worldwide? Then Rejenish is the one to ask!

A passionate advocate of Software As A Service (SaaS), a huge fan of Google and anything Internet based, he is the one person in BIC who has contacts and negotiated contracts with the Who's Who of the corporate world in India. He works in a key position at Webex-Cisco in Bangalore, India. To top it off, he is a natural networker and has an incredible range of contacts!

Using his natural ability to leverage technology, Rejenish provides BIC with insights, fun stories and information about the Markets - stuff that any serious Investor would love to have. The best part ... he brings with him a load of fun and sheer entertainment at BIC sessions -when he comes!