5 ways in which you can Join Us & Participate in our Activities 

1.  Bangalore Investors Club's Yahoo Groups

First, to stay updated with all our activities and upcoming events, interesting articles, practical news, to network and much more, ensure your email is added to our Yahoo Groups mailing list. This is also a place where members can exchange views and information with each other. 

To add your email to the mailing list, Click Here and send an email introducing yourself, what interests you and any other information you would like to share with the others.


2.  Bangalore Investors Club's SMS Alerts Service                       

BIC has a FREE SMS Alerts services which we use to send out regular updates about our activities and events. If you would like to receive regular mobile alerts, please send the message "JOIN BlrInvestors" from your mobile to: 5-6767-3434. You have to do this only once.

To receive Customised SMS Alerts that you specify, please click here to tell us what types of SMS you would like to receive.


3.  Bangalore Investors Club Sessions 

To provide a platform to meet, discuss and learn, we meet weekly at our Office. You don't need a reason to come for these sessions, you can come for your first one free of charge (unless it's a "special" event, in which case it will be notified in the email sent out). There are NO obligations and you can come whenever you like. It is recommended however, to attend the sessions regularly ... there is continuity in the learning and you will feel at home.

IMP: Information about all BIC Sessions / Events is sent out in advance through the BIC Yahoo Groups and BIC's SMS Alerts Service (see above for details).

Let's Find Trades Sessions.

The Let's Find Trades Sessions are dedicated to study of Security Charts of various stocks, global indices and other popular securities. The studies are primarily technical analysis based and supported by fundamental analysis. These sessions are excellent practical educational sessions on market analysis.

To make these sessions truly valuable, we take specific Entry, Target and Stop Loss levels for each security studied. This allows those attending the sessions to take actual positions in the markets and therefore look forward to actual PROFIT from the sessions.

These are practical, "to-generate-profitable trades / investments" oriented sessions. Held by prior announcement through our BIC Yahoo Email Service and SMS Alerts Service. Usually time is from 7.30 to 10.30 pm. There is a fee of Rs. 250/- for these sessions.


Learn @ BIC & Pink Papers

Please Note: These sessions are temporarily not being conducted. We look forward to starting them soon again and will put up a post once we commence these sessions again.

Learn @ BIC 

Half of the session is devoted to learning & discussing a useful and use-able concept in investing / trading / personal finance / economics / entrepreneurship / anything of value to an individual in pursuit of wealth generation & preservation. 

So far, we have had sessions on Income Tax, Gold, Real Estate, Stock Markets, Commodities, Crude Oil, Dow Theory, Candlesticks and lots more. Topics are often divided into smaller stand alone modules and discussed over several sessions. This part is more in the nature of a "class".

Pink Papers

During the other half of the session, we look at the week that has gone by: News in the pink (business) papers / magazines, economic, financial, political, business & social issues / events and discuss how they may impact investing and the future. The goal is to get a broader, deeper, integrated and holistic understanding of how the world of money / finance / wealth works. This part is more in the nature of a discussion / debate.

These sessions used on a morning, from 7AM to 10AM, usually a weekend. We also have breakfast together ... it's an "open house", informal occasion to learn and have fun.


4.  Bangalore Investors Club Special Events                                

Our fledgling Agriculture initiative. Click here for more details.

These are visits that we arrange to various places or talks and discussion with various people who have been very successful in creating, managing and preserving wealth. This could be out of sheer curiosity or for a particular reason. Either way, they are always fun and lots of opportunity to learn, get to know each other and discover life. 

Our Special Events so far:

1. Namdhari Seeds on Mysore Road (an eye opening experience on what organised agriculture can do).
2. Fireflies on Kanakapura Road (a great place for a relaxed day and appreciate a very different approach to life, simple living, nutritious food, natural environment, intellectual creativity and lots more).
3. Home Visits: Can you envision a 30' x 40' site with a 2 unit building with 5 bedrooms, 2 halls, 2 dining rooms, large bathrooms with tubs, 2 covered car parks, a great sit out on the terrace with barbque place, a rooftop garden, a skylight, water harvesting and all the rooms are spacious, well lit and much more? Well, we went to one such place and will be planning more such visits.
4. Understanding Real Estate: visits to properties around Bangalore (and other towns) to learn how Investing is done and the super benefits many have achieved from such far sighted work.
5. Toyota Factory Visit: Some members of BIC visited the Toyota Car Plant at Bidadi, Bangalore. It was an eye opener indeed on how much thought, planning and design goes into putting a car together. Memorable visit.


1. Vasanthi Hariprakash of RadioCity 91.1 FM gave a talk on radio and its future in India to BIC Members. Click Here for details.

2. Satyarup Siddhanta - Mountain Climber. An "Ordinary" guy with an Extra-Ordinary Mission: To climb the highest peaks in each of the 7 Continents. So 7 Summits, 7 Continents. Click Here for details.

and lots more coming up ...

Those interested in coming for these events must inform in advance since arrangements for transport, refreshments etc need to be made.

5.  Bangalore Investors Club Financial Education Courses 

Bangalore Investors Club regularly offers courses on various aspects of investing. We have over 30 courses on offer which are delivered on a regular basis. You may like to attend these courses or have them organised at your place of work etc. Do look at the details in the BIC Courses and feel free to Contact Us for any queries.

Click Here to Register your Interest in any of our Courses / Services / Activities.