About BIC's Courses

We offer over 30 structured financial education courses on various topics: financial planning for individuals & families, tax planning, mutual funds, life insurance, loans, stock markets, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, stop losses, trading strategies, commodity trading and more. See our Course List for details.

BIC Courses are designed for the “man-on-the-street”; are in simple English and conducted in a semi-formal, very interactive, discussion based manner. There are plenty of real life practical examples to illustrate important points.  We have had peoples from all background (Students, housewives, software professionals, doctors, engineers, media folk, senior citizens, businessmen and more) participate in our programmes.

For Professionals and those interested in certifications we offer training for AMFI (Association of Mutual Funds of India) & NCFM (National Stock Exchange) certifications.

All Courses are constantly updated as changes happen in the investing environment and new products appear.

Types of Courses                                                                            

Free To Dream seminar is ideal to get an overall insight into the value of personal financial planning and to get an idea of how one can actually have a lot more wealth with just basic financial literacy. Ideal for companies and organisations who would like to impart this thought provoking session for their members.

Financial Planning Courses: these are comprehensive, packaged courses that provide the Body of Knowledge that is required for financial planning at different stages of life: Youngsters, Young Family and Senior Citizens. They deal with assessing life goals at these stages of life and how to financially plan for them. 

Financial Markets Investing & Trading related courses:

Basic Level Courses
Prior knowledge or experience is NOT required. Designed for the complete newbies. These are usually 2 day courses where participants receive a holistic overview of all the important aspect of that area of investing. Participants can expect to have good working knowledge of various terms and a basic level of actionable knowledge. Those who seek in-depth knowledge of the subject matter should consider our Intermediate level courses.

Intermediate Level Courses
Intermediate level courses are in-depth courses spread over 4 weekends (10+ full days) with a great deal of in-depth discussion along with lots of practical work during sessions and in between sessions. Participants do NOT require prior knowledge of the subject matter. However, they would need to have a keen interest to acquire a deeper level of knowledge and be motivated to spend significant amounts of time and effort in the class and in the exercises given after each class.

Advanced Level Courses
Every subject has areas of knowledge that only few in that area achieve that is usually the realm of committed professionals in that subject. Our Advanced Level Courses are in that space. Participants are required to have knowledge of basic & intermediate level concepts of that subject. Courses are offered in two formats, (i) as intensivefull day sessions over a few days and (ii) as two 3 hours sessions per week spread out over one to three months. A lot of self - learning is required through the hands on live exercises that are an integral part of Advanced Level Courses. 

See our Course List for further details.


The learning results in knowledge that can be put to immediate and profitable use: i.e: you will actually start making more money and / or losing less – either way, you are Wealthier!

Durations, Timings, Venues & Fees                                             

BIC Courses can be full day events or can be delivered in sessions of 3 hours each in the evenings / weekends / or at any time convenient to the participants.

We currently offer courses at our office. Courses can also be hosted at your office / organisation / venue of your choice. Please Contact Us for details.

Fees vary for each course. Details are in each course's webpage and also available on request. 

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Courses outside Bangalore

We Welcome queries to deliver our Courses outside Bangalore. Please Contact Us for a discussion.