Income Tax Seminar

Income Tax Planning & Saving - Overview

Income Tax, that bane of our lives that we love to hate! Well, find out how to pay less Tax by taking FULL advantage of the various tax planning provisions that the Income Tax offers for Individuals - and quite large amounts of it too!

Our session is designed for the lay person and explains all the terms, what they mean, how they are to be used, how and how much you can benefit from them.

On TAX PLANNING, the session will detail ALL the provisions that can be taken advantage off and detail HOW one can do that. We will also look in detail at all the TAX SAVING products under section 80C and discuss the advantage and disadvantage of each.

The session is designed to make understanding of Income Tax easy and take away the unnecessary anxiety related to tax matters. Emphasis will be on the many provisions that many Individuals do not take full advantage off.


Course Contents

Topics covered are: 

1. Basics of Income Tax: how Income and Tax are computed.
2. Tax Planning: detailed discussion of the various provisions applicable to Individuals.
3. Tax Saving products under section 80C - a detailed comparison. Which products suits who?
4. Expected changes in Income tax in the coming few years and preparing for them.


Ideal For

All Individual tax payers; especially Salaried Individuals, Professionals in independent practise (Doctors, Lawyers, Architects, Small Self-owned business owners, etc) and Hindu Undivided Families (HUFs). Ideal for organisations desirous of hosting the session for their employees.

No knowledge of income tax, finance etc is required. The session starts with the basics and explains all terms in detail.

Sessions Format

The session can be presented over a full day or 2 half day sessions. The session can also be shortened into smaller 2 hour modules on Tax Planning and Tax Saving separately.

When & Where?

Training sessions can be conducted at our office or in-house at your organisation or a location of your convenience. Please Contact Us for further information.


Rs. 950/- per person for the full day session organised at our premises. (Inclusive of course fees, materials, lunch and refreshments).

We offer the stand alone Tax Planning and Tax Saving modules FREE at organisations subject to certain terms and conditions. For sessions at other venues / at your office, please Contact Us for a discussion.