Success Stories

There are plenty of testimonials out there on the BIC website. The page is positively aglow with tribute and acknowledgement and Dr. Musa, you absolutely deserve them all.

I had not even a token comprehension of the markets before I started this 5 weekend Equity - Next Step course with BIC. This shortage of basics proved to be of no handicap whatsoever in the weeks to come. Dr. Musa had already taken into account the mind of the absolute greenhorn and was I grateful for that! He has a wonderful ability to ‘make it relevant to YOU personally’.

I now look forward to a long term relationship with the markets. This was unthinkable for me even 2 months ago – that’s before I did the course. I know that more learning awaits me and I feel enthusiastic about getting there.

Most importantly, I know that I am in the process of acquiring a set of skills and knowledge that I can hope to pass on responsibly to my children. EqNS has helped me make that all important start.

I’m glad I did this now, for the future is promised to no one!
Thank you, Musa.

September 2013
Revathy Wajid

Dear Dr Musa,
It was my pleasure attending the program "Understanding Technical Analysis the CMT way" presented by you at the event organized by ATMA India at Mahaveer College on 17 June 2012.
It was really an excellent experience of attending such a  program where a person like you enlightened people how technical analysis and knowledge could help in wealth management and investment.
It was a wonderful presentation in which you showed a path to people on how Technical Analysis or going through CMT course can help in our trading and investment plans. I have attended many programs including few by well known technical analysts of the country but this program was to the point and the entire half a day session was so interesting and  enlightening.
I am sure there are many knowledgeable people in the country but there are only few like you who want to share and give proper guidance to people so that they do not have to learn everything by experience because as they say experience is a costly teacher and one should learn from experience of learned people. It is very sad that in our country there is very limited resources to learn Technical Analysis and hence your initiative to guide and teach people either through BIC (Bangalore Investors Club) group or through programs like this is really great.

I wish and pray that the BIC group becomes one of the leading investment group in the world so that the members have proper knowledge to take the benefits of New India where in 2020 and 2030 the markets or Sensex is likely to touch unimaginable numbers.
I take this opportunity to once again thank you for informing me to  attend the program on Sunday through ATMA and would request you to continue to guide and advise people through the right path of using Technical Analysis for their trading and Wealth Management.
Thanks & Regards

June 2012
Sandeep Lamba

Hi Friends,

I attended "Investing in Equity" course by Dr. Musa in Feb-2012 and was convinced
on two aspects: a) I need to do a more detailed and deeper course to get enough
knowledge to invest in stock market, and b) Musa is the right person for me to
go through this detailed course.

Consequently, I did the "EqNS: Equity - Next Step" course over 5 weekends in March-April 2012. This is probably the best course available to understand how to invest in
the stock market. Dr. Musa is a great teacher. His knowledge of the stock market
concepts and also general financial concepts are very deep. His teaching style
is also very interesting; he makes sure that every moment of the whole course is
interesting. He will not move forward to the next topic until everyone has
understood the current topic. Also, he has a unique style to explain a difficult
concept in a simple way. He encourages a lot of interaction from the students.

In addition to the major topics such as Stock market essential concepts,
Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis , he also covers topics such as Why
stocks, Investor Psychology, Investment strategies, etc. These topics are very
important for a stock investor to be successful.

Overall, Dr. Musa has given me a good foundation, from where I can build further
skills and knowledge on the stock market. Please remember that we need to
further study the market based on the concepts taught by Dr. Musa before we get
sufficient expertize to invest in the market, the course provides all
fundamental concepts for this deep study. Thank you Dr. Musa for this course and
hope more people get inspired from you and create wealth through the stock
market. I also look forward to doing other advanced courses with you.

May 2012.
M. G. Balakrishna Rao (Balki).
Independent IT Consultant, Ex-VP MindTree Ltd., Bangalore.


I would like to Thank you for wonderful session that you delivered on Financial Planning. Here is my Feedback about this course

The knowledge that I gained after attending the Course on “Financial Planning” is so immense that I wish we could have had something like this at School level. Each module is filled with so much information that is so vital to our Life and would make lot of difference in our Financial Portfolio. There were many times during the course when I felt like “Damn!!!!  I could have saved so much money”.

I would definitely recommend this Training to each and every individual at whatever age they are in. Earlier you do this, the more you can save. At the same time, “Its always Better Late than Never.”

I also would like to Thank Dr. Musa for thoughtfully drafting the course content and also delivering it in an easily digestible way. There was no “One Size fits all” approach at all. The course was customized for each individual’s situation whenever needed.

November 2010.
Sundesh Pawar, Lab Engineer.
Microsoft Corporation, Bangalore.

Hi Musa,

(Or should I refer to you as Dr. Musa?). On this occasion of Eid I would like to wish you and your family all the very best. I would also like to use this opportunity to provide some feedback.

What makes for a good teacher/trainer? 

A thorough knowledge of the subject, the ability to transfer the knowledge to the student (including command over language and finding words that can convey the message in the simplest possible manner), personal experience and exposure in that field of study (including successful experience), a passion for both the subject being studied and for teaching, an unwillingness to let go until the student confirms that he/she has understood, and a very pleasant, ‘approachable’ personality that makes the student comfortable.

Having spent enough time and money on schools and colleges, I have to confirm that I have never come across any teacher who had all these qualities, or even a reasonable mix of them.

Until I came across Musa!  Having attended almost all courses at the BIC, I have to say that the medical profession’s loss is our (the traders’) gain. I am sure that what I have stated above will be confirmed by others who have attended any of your courses, and I am sure, like me, they have also benefited. For the first time in my life, I was not counting the money I had paid for the education, but how much more I was getting by way of invaluable knowledge and the benefit of your experience.

Ok, so if I fall off my chair and break a bone I will have to find the “other”  type of Doctor to fix it, but, that’s ok! Those are available a dime a dozen. We need you to stick to what you are doing. They say that if you give a man a fish you feed him one meal, but if you teach him how to fish you change his life. There are many out there who need you, and my recommendation to them is not to even think of trading before they have seen you first.

And , when the subject is the Stock Market, the intelligence, intuitive reasoning and experience to look beyond superficial data and dig out what is “really” happening is crucial to success, and this (let’s call it advanced training) is continuing though the LFTs.

Obviously, I have to admit that one’s emotions play a major part in determining success in the stock markets. But, having said that, I have no doubts that if I succeed in making money (I will!) I have you to thank, if I don’t (ruled out!), it will be despite your best efforts!

Thank you, Musa. And once again, a heartfelt Eid Mubarak  to you and to your family.

With regards,
Ravi Rao.
Professional Trader, Bangalore.
November 2010.

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.”

I have been dabbling in equities for the last 6-7 years with moderate success. Being self-taught, I was largely dependent on tips and reviews from financial magazines, TV channels and online resources. The problem with this approach is that you're never sure about the basis for the recommendations. This stuff works great about 50% of the time. The dilemma is in guessing as to which 50% to trust.

Dow Theory is just one approach to methodical trading ... however your course is the real deal. I've come to realize that your course is the result of years of analysis, experience, and distillation. The time, effort, and dedication that would be required of a beginning trader, studying the markets on his or her own, to acquire the knowledge and experience offered in your course is incalculable.

The course delivers what it promises ... it introduces one to TA and explains the underlying concepts in a simple, easy-to-understand manner and is accompanied with ample demonstrations on real life charts.

The environment is informal, open and highly interactive. Best of all you were not prespcriptive but aimed to drive home the concepts based on which each one could build his or her individual trading style.

At the end of the course, I feel more informed, confident and in control when trading in the markets. The best summary I can give of your course is that it far exceeded my expectations.
June 2010.
George Samuel
Manager, Cognizant, Bangalore.

I had invested our family’s savings in the stock market but without any focus or targets. We were getting some returns but not as much as to call it a good investment. I had heard about the effectiveness of technical analysis and so found BIC and took Musa’s TA course.
The TA-Dow Theory course was very well-structured and easy to follow. It gave me focus and helped me develop a plan rather than entering and exiting stocks based on news, tips and hunches. More importantly, it gave me a lot of confidence.

Currently, I am doing the Derivatives course. This has helped me expand my horizons and has put me on a path to maximizing returns. I am gaining excellent insights into the world of futures and options trading.

Musa’s courses are well-researched, have in-depth content and are delivered in a fun-to-learn, informal and interactive set-up. My association Musa and BIC have very positively changed my approach to investing, trading and money and impacted my life greatly. Thank you Musa and BIC!
September 2009.
Radhika Jayadevan
Mom, Homemaker, Trader.

Mokarimakka !!!

I couldn’t be more delighted! I unequivocally recommend Japanese Candlesticks Theory and Dr. Musa Kaiser to those interested in improving their technical skills. I have observed a significant improvement in my approach towards the anticipation of the markets. The course strengthened the fact that it is never too late to learn. Thank you for sharing your ideas and experiences with the participants. Your insights surrounding how to approach the market and the need to respect the market was a strategic match to anyone's skills. The sessions were interactive, interesting and very informative, leaving participants with a greater understanding of the merits of different market patterns and an inspiration to continue to broaden that knowledge base. I can say without a doubt that we certainly were given a worthwhile and valuable series by Dr. Musa. Thanks.
May 2009.
Ajay Chandra G
Engineering Manager, Product Development, Oracle, Bangalore, India.

I have attended the three day technical analysis course at BIC office between 10-12 April, 2009. I have been following the markets since last year and half. I made some money but mostly it has been plain good luck. I wanted to know the finer equations or designs which the markets seem to follow. I searched on the net and luckily got the BIC website address.

The Dow Theory TA course is extremely well structured and it makes you see a pattern or design through various approaches of Dow theory. It gives you the first learning steps to try and remove some of the randomness inherent in markets.

I had a small success just after attending the course. Dow Theory had shown a comprehensive Body of Evidence of Nifty crossing above 3590 mark in near future, when it was at 3342 on 9th April. I took two long positions (all below 3400) on Nifty based on TA results. Just in these three days I have been able to make a good deal of money by Nifty moving in my favor and I am still holding on my longs.

I wish Dr Musa the very best in his effort in providing top class equity strategy and analysis in his simple and lucid style.

April, 2009.
Vidhu Sekhar,
Lead Engineer, Techforce Design Services.

"Investing in Equity is a wonderful and very informative course for anyone who wants to get an understanding about the Financial World. Even a person who does not know or have the basic knowledge of the stock market and concepts can get a better understanding of it.

We always read about the Stock market and see a lot of figures & charts in the news channels, papers, journals, etc., and it will all be so complicated to decipher it. Most people think that you need to be a genius in order to understand it and we all think that it is very “Risky”. One thing I can tell you is that having the right kind of guidance and having someone who can explain things in a language that a common man can understand can really make a difference and change your life. It opens a whole new avenue in terms of investing and securing a lucrative future and also opens your eyes into things that we take for granted.

Dr. Musa is one such person who has the knowledge and experience and takes the time to impart that knowledge and experience to a common man in a language they can understand. You need not be a financial genius to understand the financial market and BIC which is run by Dr. Musa is the right place to come to if you want to develop your knowledge of the financial market in terms of making a better investment for the future or to learn about trading in the stock market.  

I have attended the
Investing in Equity course and it was a 2 day session and the knowledge and insight I have gained from this course is enormous and the best part of it all was it was very easy to understand.

I am grateful that there is a place where such kind of courses are offered for anyone who wants to learn about the financial world and I wish all the best to BIC."

March 2009.
Bibu Mathew, 
Director - Account Administration, Asset Management & Trading. Thomas White India Pvt Ltd.

"In my experience, Investing in Equity can help unlock the gates to one's financial independence. Its rich structure and content help fill all possible gaps in a beginner's endeavour to succeed in equity markets. This course has helped me make 'Investing in Equity', a second career."
January 2009.
Rajan Goswami, 
Manager, Sales Enablement & Training, Oracle, Bangalore.

"Some of the best courses that are taken during life are those which we may have never intended to take. It is often times one of those courses that we sign up for that play a little part in the many things that change our lives, and more importantly, change how we look at things. That is the feeling I came out with after finishing the Investing in Equity course.

The course is extremely well organised and the pace at which it is delivered and with examples are ideal for a novice like me. The course presentation makes it fun to gain an understanding of the basics of investing in the equity markets. It starts with the most basic concepts of investing and then, on a gradient, gets the user more involved in advanced concepts.

This course is valuable for anyone with little or no understanding in the subject of equity investing or as a brush up for those with some training. The best part, I felt, is that no assumptions are made about the user's level of understanding; so even the most uninitiated participant will not be left adrift. A couple of small drills and exercises allow you to have a mock practice of key concepts.

The first day after the course, I happened to turn to the newspaper's financial section. Things that used to float under my nose with no understanding began to make more sense. So provided one uses it for what it's intended - a teacher - this course can sure stretch your financial horizons."
I currently work as a technical documentation specialist for a product engineering company. I have at various points in my career dabbled on and off with a bit of journalism and a bit of financial analysis. My financial career started off selling financial products for a non-banking financial company and from thereon graduated to being an investment analyst for a media group. Those were the heady days of the dot-com boom and my career graph traced the course of the indices to crash with a thud circa 2000 AD. Post a re-alignment of my objectives, shifted gear to use my writing skills to document applications, and am currently where I am now. My bread and butter continues to be writing and when the opportunity beckons, I contribute to the pages of Business Standard, the European Press Network and other journals.

November 2007.
Prasenjit Sarkar

"In 2006 when I was looking for domain specialization and Career opportunity in capital markets there were no education institutes or consultants in Bangalore who could give me proper guidance and advice. Thanks to Bangalore Investors Club and Dr. Musa, in just one long formal interaction he gave me complete insights into various career opportunities that are available with capital markets. He also supported me in determining my career goals and showed me the right direction to achieve it (like taking up NCFM examinations). 
This in turn helped me to get job opportunity to work with ENAM securities which was a mere dream until then.
I would advice all those people who are looking for education and guidance in capital markets (for both career as well investment purpose) to attend BIC's sessions. They are really informative and interesting. I believe Dr. Musa's approach towards the market as a doctor and a financial professional will help in reaping good profits in long run."
I am a B.Com and PGDBM with 3yrs work experience with Oracle and Unisys.
Career goal - to be an Expert in Capital & Commodity markets. To formulate good trading and investment strategies using fundamental and technical analysis.

September 2007.
P. Aiyappaa. Age - 25 years. 
Got his dream job with Enam Securities, now with MCX.

"I have been trading in stocks from nearly two years and I wish I had met Musa before I took a leap in the markets.
To make a small fortune in the stock market start with the large one” goes a saying and a year after I began my adventure in the markets I realized that my trial and error method was not working and the pile of books I had read on trading and investing were of little use. I was desperately looking for someone to teach me the finer details of how the markets work.

Attending Musa’s classes has taught me the value of technical analysis and to interpret a lot of complex data. His weekly classes have sharpened my trading skills and have helped maximize my profits and minimize losses.

Musa is very articulate and the sessions are lively, informal and interactive. Musa’s enthusiasm for wealth building is infectious and he helps us set our financial goals.

What I like about Bangalore Investors Club is that it teaches us what we really need to know. The course structure is focused on the fundamentals it doesn’t meander around aimlessly. At the end of every session you come out wiser."
I am a full time trader, determined to seek my fortunes in the stock market. My other interests in life are literature, psychology and philosophy.
September 2007.
Anwar Sadath. 
Full time Trader & Investor.


A year n a half back, I was a complete illiterate as far as the financial world was concerned. I heard Musa speak in a meeting (i don't remember exactly when), but I could see that there was a whole new world about which I had no clue. I decided to take peek into it and joined Bangalore Investors Club. In the initial stages, I just did the theory bit. As we went on ahead with advanced topics like gold, oil, equity etc, I slowly started making calls to buy shares and entered the equity market. From then on, I've been making a good 5% profit a month on my investments!! Which is actually a surprise coz I don't put in a lot of effort or time into making that profit. I'm a quick trader. I'm sure with a little more diligence, a lot more could be achieved... I am looking forward to entering the derivatives market soon..."
"I am a Software Engineer by profession. I am married and have a daughter who is 5 and a half years old. My hobbies include reading books and trading stock!
June 2007. 
Chetana Srinivasa. 
Mom, Housewife, Trader, Senior Software Engineer, LSI Logic.

"Before my association with Bangalore Investors Club, I was of the opinion that "Stock Market" was a high risk investment which was not suitable for my cup of tea. I was satisfied with putting my money into FDs and PPF. Attending Musa's sessions gave me the confidence to explore the stock markets. Also, the "Investing in Equities" session gave me a deep understanding of the markets which has made it less formidable. The stock market no longer appears to be the untamed beast as it earlier used to seem!"
I am a Senior Consultant with Wipro Technologies. I am married and I have 2 young kids. My interest in investing in equities was kindled when the rates of return in FDs was hitting a downtrend and the money I had would not warrant investing in property.
May 2007.
Kalyani Ramalingam. 
Senior Consultant, Wipro.


Soon, meet many more BIC's members, real people and get to know their experiences of learning and how their new found knowledge about wealth, investing, trading etc has benefited them. 

Some who are now making 5% a month on their trading consistently, some who decided what and how to invest money from a property sale, some who trade the global markets, some who made career choices after their participation in BIC Activities and lots more ...

We have asked them to put it in their own words and as soon as they give it to us, it will be here, so stay tuned and see what BIC can do for YOU !