BIC Webinars

  Free Webinars

One Webinar which will always be free and available online is our Free to Dream (FTD) session on Personal Finance. You can either attend FTD in person or view FTD Online here - free :)

We occasionally offer some free webinars to analyse Markets, especially when some "major" events have happened or are expected in the Markets. Get onto our free Mailing List to receive updates about the same.

  Paid Webinars

1.  Our Online Courses.

We are gradually offering our courses in both the In-Person Classroom AND Live Online Webinar formats. Click here to view details on the Online Courses available.

The next available Online Course is the Investing in Equity Course.

The course is scheduled for July 2014 and will be offered via a Live Webinar.
There will be Eight 2 hour sessions. Schedule of the eight sessions will be announced in consultation with interested participants. If you would like to participate in the Online IiE Course, do contact us to let us know your preferred date & time slots.

2.  LFT - Let's Find Trades.

The Let's Find Trades (LFT) Sessions are dedicated to study of Security Charts of various global indices, Indian sector indices and securities. The studies are primarily technical analysis and supported by fundamental analysis. LFT sessions are excellent practical education on market analysis.

To make these sessions truly valuable, we take specific Entry, Target and Stop Loss levels for each security studied. This allows those attending the sessions to take live positions in the markets and therefore look forward to PROFIT from the sessions.

LFT Sessions are held by prior announcement through our BIC Yahoo Email Service and SMS Alerts Service. Usually time is every Friday, 7.30 pm to 10 pm.

Click here for more details on LFT and how to participate in the same.

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