BitCoin & Crypto Currencies.


The BitCoin / Crypto Currency session by Dhingra Umesh from Hong Kong is confirmed.  Details below ... 

Topic:  Bitcoin & Crypto Currencies - a practical introduction.   

Date:      Sunday, 26 Nov. 
Time:     10 am to 6 pm.
Venue:   BIC Office. (we are on Google Maps).

Fees:     INR 1,950 - all inclusive. 
              Lunch & teas included.

Contents & Speaker Profile below.
Kindly revert asap to block you seat.

Looking forward to a very interactive and thought provoking session. 

Wishes & Riches,

Dr. Musa R. Kaiser. MD, CMT.
+91 93419 67573.

Workshop Contents

  1.  What is Bitcoin (BTC) & crypto-currencies?
  2.  Why is there so much talk about Bitcoin?
  3.  Who is behind Bitcoin and cryptos?
  4.  Why should a layman know about BTC / Cryptos?
  5.  Why should a layman "invest" in BTC / Cryptos?

  6.  How do cryptos work?  
  7.  An overview of blockchain.
  8.  How are cyptos bought & sold?
  9.  Using cryptos to pay for transactions.
10.  BTC / Cryptos in hard and soft form.

11. Umesh's journey in cryptos - why, learning, tracking, trading Bitcoin & Ethereum.
12. Cryptos in Hong Kong, Europe & US - practical things to know.
13. Crypto exchanges - types and how to choose. 
14. Opening a crypto account - how, what, where, why ... 
15. Umesh's practical trades & investments in cryptos.

16. Likely future of BTC / Cryptos. 
17. What to watch out for in BTC / Cryptos.
18. BTC - Cryptos vs Gold vs Paper Currency.
19. Challenges with cryptos.
20. And ... some surprises for the participants ...  

As you may appreciate, the session will be very grounded & practical.
Theory only to the extend required to understand key concepts.

Workshop moderated by Dr. Musa Kaiser. 
Conducted by Dhingra Umesh - Speaker Profile.  

Dec 1991 :  Graduated B.Com from Shri Chinai College of Commerce & Economics, Mumbai. India.

Dec 1991 : Started working in an exports company in Thailand. (Yes, 1st job was in a foreign country). In Aug 92 got promoted to Hong Kong branch; worked till 2000.

March 2000 : Resigned & started own company (1st Son was 5 months old),

April 2000 : First order received for US$ 200,000. Put all his savings into a bank in order to issue LC on China factories for goods. Getting export facility from bank was not easy. Had money that was sufficient only for 1 year of office and 6 months of home expenses.

Started HK office with his wife. He was an all-in-one goods inspector, office organiser,  and clerk. After 3 months started office in Guangzhou China with help of his cousin.

April 2001 changed the company from proprietorship to "Limited".

May 2002 added one more office in Yiwu, China, with the help of his brother-in-law.

2003 two important events:  "SARS" in HK due to which business went down. Traveled to USA; got a half million order. 2nd Son born.

2000 to 2003 : From a 2 table office to a 6 table office. 150 sft to 1,000 sft office.

2005 : Implemented OEM Software with fixed IP + HP Server/UPS/Color Laser printers to be accessed by all 3 offices from whichever country they visit & within few months also implemented VOIP server due to which communication cost dropped from $ 5000 / month to $ 100 / month.

From one many show to 18 people in 3 offices.

8'  x 40' HQ (High Cube) container warehouse was rented in china to process weekly shipments. 900 plus 40' HQ containers have been shipped so far from that warehouse. Direct shipments from factory are not accounted in the 900.

2008 : Business quadrupled.

2009 :  Lehman brothers / Wall street led to investments into USA markets.

2012 : Heard about BTC began to follow it. Saw it go all the way up & crash.

2013 : Not a good year. Business went down. Traveled to USA / Brazil / Panama. Family members diagnosed with cancer which took toll on business & health. Due to God's grace we were back by 2015.

2015 : Went thoroughly through 15 years of Investments done via Zurich - AIA and realised how he was being ripped off. Started to directly manage monthly equity investments into India & HK markets.

2016 : Persuaded his Father & few friends to invest into Indian equity market themselves instead of mutual funds. They are happy with 20 - 40% per year returns without paying a single cent to any company apart from the yearly demat charges.

2017 : Built his 1st crypto currency Mining rig, trading in crypto, purchased hardware wallets etc. Business went down due to collapse of South American currencies (Venezuela, Brazil, laws changed in Colombia & Ecuador). Started paying full attention to day / weekly / swing trading in HK & USA.

Has traded & invested in BitCoin & Ethereum via HK and European exchanges.

Please Note:

I have never met Umesh but I can happily say from my long telephone conversations with Umesh that he has a very rich & PRACTICAL experience of many things (a few of which are listed above). He is also an effective communicator of his ideas & experiences. He is also very generous in sharing his knowledge & experience. 

Umesh is the 1st crypto currency trader - miner that I have interacted with and I am very much looking forward to learning from him. He said that a 2-3 hour session would suffice but I think we all know how BIC sessions go and how we like to get into the PRACTICAL nitty-gritty and the subtler points of understanding anything we take on.

Hence, request all those interested to take full advantage of Umesh's session on Sunday 26 Nov 2017.

Dr. Musa R Kaiser. MD, CMT.
+91 93419 67573.