Coronavirus & Personal Finance - Seeking Solutions.

We all know that Coronavirus has disrupted life as we know it.

The situation has been compounded by misinformation, politicking, fake news, conflicting views, information overload & the like.

The extreme uncertainty that individuals, companies, counties & societies are facing makes for all sorts of confusion & anxiety that comes out of not knowing what next.

Many of us are probably facing all sorts of financial disruptions in our lives. For employees - very likely pay cuts, leave without pay & even loss of one's job. For businessmen - dwindling (even zero) sales, fixed costs, taxes, repayment of loans, cash flow issues, ...

Beyond a certain point, some of us may even just close ourselves from the negativity and decide to just hope for the best.

 How about some "answers"?

Wouldn't it be nice if there was to deal with the above challenges and much more?

Further, if we could find solutions based on data, facts & deep analysis (rather than just conjecture), we would have a much better chance of successfully navigating the crisis.

With exactly that in mind, BIC is initiating a series of interactions & discussions to

1st - Really understand the issues at hand. 
We need to know what we are dealing with before we can frame the right questions.

2nd - Explore what steps "ordinary" folks can take
to face the personal finance challenges that are certain to come our way.

 Webinar schedule:

Webinar 1:  To Be Announced.

Topics:       Understanding the challenges at hand.
                  The big picture and what's likely coming.
                  Human biases that we need to be watchful about.
                  Framing the right questions.
                  Possible ways forward.

Fees:         FREE.

Who should attend?

IF you wish to understand the likely impact on your personal finances in the near & the long term, you should attend these series of webinars.

These webinars are designed for the general public

We shall discuss the topics & how they impact us personally & directly in a simple, straightforward manner with as little jargon as possible.

The goal is to:
  • OBJECTIVELY as possible discuss the challenges facing the common man,
  • Generate awareness based on facts & figures.
  • Discuss practical SOLUTIONS.

A gentle "warning":

Before we can move to solutions, many of us will have to acknowledge bitter truths of the situation and accept them for what they are before we can find answer. So kindly do bear with & be patient with that part of the discussion.

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 Some links ...

here are some links that you may like to go through before the webinar so that you have some understanding of the developing situation.

we will keep adding resources here, so keep checking.