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Little Known Life Altering Truths About Money 

A Great Eye Opener on Financial Planning and how any average Indian can easily have 1-2 Crores MORE in his / her lifetime WITHOUT working a single day more. Lots of fun too!

Free To Dream


Financial Planning Courses - click course link for further details.

Comprehensive courses for different stages of life that cover important Life Events
that discuss how to plan, select, invest and manage the right financial
products to successfully and comfortably achieve goals.

Prior knowledge of financial concepts & products is NOT required. 
Specifically designed for Individuals & Families.

FinPlan - Financial Planning - General Course
In addition, specialised & focused Financial Planning courses for:
The Young, The Family Man & The Senior Citizen can be organised on request.

Estate & Inheritance Planning
About wills, tax efficient inheritance and much more.
Details available on request.

Crash Courses - for those who are curious and want to get a feel for investing & trading

No prior knowledge required.
All terms & concepts are explained from scratch.
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Mutual Funds        Life Insurance        Fixed Income Investing

Investing in Equity        Investing in Commodities        Trading Forex

Gold: past, present & future        The Future of Crude Oil

Income Tax Planning & Saving


Flagship Programmes - for those seeking in-depth knowledge on investing & trading

These topics are Essential Knowledge & Skills for the serious Investor / Trader 
Prior knowledge & experience is NOT required.
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Investing & Trading

Equity - Next Step       Commodities - Next Step

Investing in Real Estate        Forex - Next Step

Technical Analysis (TA)

Dow Theory       Candlesticks       Point & Figure Charting

Fibonacci Phenomenon & Trading         Technical Indicators

Stop Losses        Trading Strategies using TA

Fundamental Analysis (FA)

Fundamental Analysis        Trading Strategies using FA


The Psychology of Investing

Risk Management        Hedging        Asset Allocation

Open Sky - for those seeking levels that few achieve

 Knowledge of Basic Investing & Trading Concepts required.

Derivatives: Futures & Options

Derivatives Trading Strategies

Professional Certifications - job oriented courses in the financial industry

 For those interested in Certifications, Validation of Knowldege 
and pursuing careers in the financial industry.

NCFM (NSE's Certification in Financial Markets)

AMFI (Association of Mutual Funds of India)

Cash Flow Management

Active Cash Flow Management (CFM) can earn significant absolute returns with full flexibility and liquidity of the funds. Learn how to make your idle money work for you (even for one day!) with minimal paperwork and absolute safety. Ideal for Small & Medium Scale Organisations (SMEs), Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs).