Crude Oil

Crude Oil Overview

Most of us have very little idea of how dependant our way of life is on Crude Oil and its products. The sad news is that we a fast running out of this precious commodity and our way of life could be very very different in just 30-40 years from now.

The session on Crude Oil is designed with 2 objectives:
1. A wake up call to become aware of what is in store and how to prepare for it.
2. How to profit from the changes that are likely to happen.

Wondering why one should profit from this? Well, to fund the costs of adapting and changing your lifestyle to the future higher costs of energy and new technologies; (unless you want to pay from your pocket of course).


Course Contents

The Session covers the following topics: 

1. Why we should discuss Crude Oil.
2. How is Crude Oil produced & refined?
3. Where is all the Crude Oil of the World?
4. Till when will our Crude Oil last?
5. The likely changes in Crude Oil prices and how it will affect your life.
6. Alternatives to Crude Oil.
7. Steps to take NOW to not be drastically affected.
8. Energy trading in India and Globally.
9. Profiting from the likely future.


Sessions Format

I. A one day session where ALL the topics mentioned above are covered in great detail. The participants get an in-depth understanding about Crude Oil & Energy and the opportunities on hand. The session includes a lunch and two refreshment breaks.

II. A half day session over 4 hours where the core body ALL the topics are covered. There is one refreshment break.

III. An Introductory format over 1 hour providing a holistic overview of of Crude Oil.


Ideal For

Anyone Curious and / or serious about securing and preparing for a very differnet future for oneself and one's family in the coming few decades.

Investors & Traders:
For the Investor / Trader, this presents a huge opportunity to profit from by trading the Energy markets of India and the World. This is a unique opportunity to profitably participate in the transformation of the Energy scenario and fund oneself for a very different and probably very expensive future. Crude Oil is also one of the easiest and best commodities to trade since there is a tremendous range of easy-to-access and easy-to-understand resources for an Investor / Trader to benefit from.


When & Where

To be announced.

If you are interested in this or any of our workshops, please do Contact Usand let us know of your interest. We maintain a list of those interested in various workshops and schedule the workshops at the earliest opportunity. If you are on our list then we will definitely let you know as soon as we have a workshop scheduled.


To be announced.

Special Note on Crude Oil

We would be happy to present this session at a club / association / organisation to spread awareness of the Energy scenario in the very near future. We believe this will support Individuals to effectively & positively prepare for the very different future that awaits us all. Please Contact Us for a discussion.