Derivatives Trading Strategies

  Derivatives Trading Strategies - Overview

Now that you have learnt about Futures & Options, what next? To effectively use these instruments, one has to to know about the various combinations of Spot, Futures & Options Positions that allow one to achieve various investment and trading goals.

We have a Special Integrated Course Offer that combines this course with the Derivatives: Futures & Options Course. Details are below.

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  Course Contents

1. Time Spreads.
2. Vertical Spreads.

                     Bullish Strategies
1. Buy Stock.                          1. Covered Straddle.
2. Buy Call.                             2. Synthetic Long Stock.
3. Covered Write.                     3. Synthetic Long Call.
4. Write Put.                           4. OTM Call Time Spread.
5. Bull Spread - Call.
6. Bull Spread - Put

                     Bearish Strategies
1. Sell Short.                           1. Synthetic Short Stock.
2. Buy Put.                             2. Synthetic Long Put.
3. Write Call.                          3. OTM Put Time Spread.
4. Bear Spread - Call.              4. Ratio Put Spread.
5. Bear Spread - Put.

                     Neutral Strategies
1. Short Straddle.                  
2. Long Butterfly.                    3. ATM Call Time Spread.

                             And ...

Defensive Strategies:
protecting a loss of profits while staying in the market for any further likely profits.

Repair Strategies:
made a mistake? how does one recover losses by adding options strategies to the existing primary position.

Protective Strategies:
entered the market but have cold feet now? Not sure whether to hold on or exit? Options strategies can help solve your dilemma.

all the above with ...

LIVE, Hands-On, Practical Trades that look at real data, demonstrate and debate practical issues like order placement, liquidity issues, use of cross products, choosing between various different choices an option player has at any point and much more ...


  Course Presented by ...

The course will be delivered by Dr. Musa R Kaiser, MD, CMT.
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  Sessions Format

Having learnt Futures & Options, using them effectively is the next challenge which requires understanding and getting used to some very innovative ways of creating winning combinations in the markets. The various concepts & strategies are explained in clear and straight forward manner. Illustrations and examples are frequently used to elucidate ideas.

To facilitate the learning, the classes are held in a very semi-formal and comfortable setting. To ensure understanding, participants have opportunities to come up and explain & demonstrate concepts to others: this allows for a deeper involvement and precise learning.

There will be 2 classes per week of 2 1/2 hours each on weekends.

  Ideal For

The Serious and Committed Investor - Trader. For the market participant seeking the next level of knowledge, proficiency and sophistication in the markets. This is an Advanced Course and through understanding of Spot and Options concepts is required to benefit fully from this course.

We will cover several strategies. One or the other strategy will always work whatever may be the state of the market. Understanding, selecting and properly implementing the correct strategy is the key to success in Options Trading.


  What can you expect?

Learn to make money in all market conditions: bullish, bearish, flat or volatile; now that's mastery! To achieve this goal, you will necessarily need to gain an "Inner Understanding" of the markets, a superior ability to predict market movements in advance and benefit from the same by taking (highly) profitable positions in the markets.


  When & Where?

Days & Timings:  We have just completed a course, Contact Us to let us know of your interest and we shall keep you updates about the next course.

Course Duration: 3 months for the full Options & Options Trading Strategies Course. (1 month for Futures, 1 month for Options and 1 month for Derivative Trading Strategies. Extra session to revise & reinforce concepts & practicals will be conducted).

Venue:   BIC Office, 45 Netaji Road, Fraser Town, Bangalore – 560 005.

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You can participate in the course in 2 ways:

1. Integrated Courses with Special Discounted Fees:

   Derivatives Integrated Courses
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All Modules in which you participate Back-to-Back OR do all the sessions spread over different EqNS batches.

* Rs. 99,950 - for those who have completed Equity - Next Step & Technical Indicators Courses - see details below.


Rs. 1,09,950

discount of Rs 10,050 !

2. Session by Session
and pay the fee for only those modules / sessions you attend.

Module/ Topic Fee
1  Futures only - complete theory to practicals.
2  Options only - complete theory to practicals.  40,000
3  Derivative Strategies only -
 combines Spot, Futures & Option markets.
 very detailed, practical and hands-on live trades.
   Total Course fee - module by module.
 - save Rs 10,050 by registering for the Integrated Course,  
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 Rs. 1,20,000

Participants may also register for individual modules as above. Fees are inclusive of course fee, materials & refreshments. Taxes extra.

Special Discounts for BIC Alumni:

  The BIC F&O Group

The BIC F&O Group are a dedicated group of folk who meet weekly to hone their F&O analysis. Most of them also take trading positions in the Derivatives markets and share their experiences - both the profitable and loss making ones. This has allowed the members to become better & more proficient over time and many of them are now making handsome profits on their F&O trades on a regular basis.

Do Contact Us if you would like to know more about the BIC F&O Group or meet any of the members.


Why should I learn Derivatives, especially, Options?

Research worldwide shows that 90% of the people in the stock markets don't really know what they are doing there. They mainly rely on Hope to make money and don't look at the essential education that can make them much better investors & traders. Of the 10% left, perhaps 10% of those really understand Derivatives (Futures & Options) completely. (I am talking about that "Inner Understanding", not just bookish knowledge). So you have perhaps 1% (probably less) of the market players who truly understand Options.

Now they are the Kings & Queens of Investing / Trading who have an inner feel of the market by virtue of their superior knowledge & understanding. And they are ones who make the big money, the big returns. How Big returns? Well, lets say 25 - 50% per month (yes, per month!) is a "Normal" returns for these folks.

Even if you don't trade Futures & Options, the inner knowledge you get by tracking them gives you a far superior understanding of the markets and allows you to have significantly better results in trading and investing in the spot (delivery) markets.

IF you wish to be in this elite group of people who have this superior knowledge, you MUST have an inner understanding of Options. Participating in this course will provide that big impetus to you in achieving your goal of superior knowledge and understanding. Welcome - to  the world of Derivatives.


  FAQ: What if I miss a class?

The Integrated Course Derivatives Course is a 4month course and it is quite possible that you may miss a class or two. And the question many have is "How will I make up if I miss a class?"

1.  Learning Options is a slow and steady process. In each class, there will revision of the previous session, presentation, discussion and Q&A by participants and a new concept that will be introduced gradually. Therefore, it should not be an issue to catch up.

2.  Further, the class will be divided into smaller teams of 2-3 people who will need to interact with each other for the homework and support each other in absorbing the concepts. Your team members are also there to support you to quickly learn and catch up anything that you may have missed.

3. The Course material will be quite detailed and will support you in revising and learning new concepts.

4. Most importantly the BIC F&O Group is an excellent support structure. They will be more than happy to support any of the Derivatives Course participants with any difficulties they may have during the course. 

The above aspects should sufficiently support you in quickly catching up with anything you may have missed.