Dow Theory

  Dow Theory

The principles of Dow Theory was formulated by Charles Dow in the early 20th century. It was codified later in its present form and is probably the most widely followed and understood field within Technical Analysis; probably because of its ease of understanding and application. Work by Edwards & Magee and many others have made the original Dow Theory more accessible to today's analysts.

BIC's Course on Dow Theory comprehensively covers all the aspects of Dow Theory, its application to the stock (and other) markets and goes on to describe how to use Dow Theory to make trading and investing decisions. The theory is amply complemented with live up-to-date stock charts from the Indian markets.

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  Dow Theory - Course Contents

The Technical Analysis - Dow Theory course has been updated on a regular basis. The updates are based on participant feedback on what has really worked and made a difference. Participants can participate on a single day, do 2 or all 3 days depending on their requirements. However, we strongly encourage folks to participate for the full course.

 Session Contents





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What is TA?
Starting from scratch, the ABCs of Technical Analysis explained both theory and practically. Along with the historical & rationale basis of TA.

What is Dow Theory? The foundational principles of Dow Theory, its history and relevance to financial markets today. A discussion on why it is a MUST KNOW in today's circumstances.

"Price Action"
Understand this poorly understood concept in great detail and in a very unique and actionable way. See how this basic building block is the essence of Dow Theory and repeats itself at every level. Also: learn all foundational concepts of Dow Theory and lay a solid foundation for the next two days.

Support & Resistance. What exactly are they? How are they related to Support & Demand and Supply & Demand. Find out how these phenomena interact and how much a chart actually says with these profound concepts.

Trends, Trendlines, Trend Channels & Major Reversal Patterns: what exactly are these, how to draw and update these lines and use them for potential trades. An eye-opener day in itself; learn how to use these to identify Entry & Exit points for trades.



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Reversal, Continuation & other pattens.
All the important patterns of Dow Theory discussed in great detail with detailed explanations based on what we learn on Day 1 & 2. Highlighted with Indian stock charts to reinforce the learning. Advanced, real time strategies are discussed here which include ...

Investing & Trading Strategies based on Dow Theory are now more fully illustrated. They have been integrated into the course and revised at the end of each part. Conservative, Moderate & Aggressive approaches are discussed & explained.

Assessment of Risk, Reward and how to use Risk : Reward Ratio to filter investing opportunities is discussed and demonstrated in detail.

Sources of information for Indian charts.
What do the Charts say for the Markets in the coming weeks & months.




Practical demos
on how to use trading terminals effectively and find high quality trades in an effective & efficient manner. The sessions are LIVE on Indian stocks.

Note: Day 3 is optional and is a recommended add on to the 2 day Dow Theory Course.

  Course Presented by ...

The course will be delivered by Dr. Musa R Kaiser, MD, CMT.
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  Sessions Format

Full Day Format as detailed above Each day from 9.30am to 6.30pm, with lunch & tea breaks.

The Course can be also be delivered in smaller sessions (each of 3-4 hours) and spread over a week. Contact Us for any special requirements such as In-House programmes etc.

Multimedia based & highly interactive.

  Ideal For

Aspiring investors and traders looking for a sound theoretical foundation on TA with practical application to the Indian scene. Individuals looking to meet and stay in touch with like minded people in TA.

Prior knowledge and experience is NOT necessary to attend this workshop. All concepts and terms are explained from scratch with examples to reinforce the learning.

  What can you expect?

1. A sound understanding of Dow Theory based Technical Analysis: not only the know how but also the know Why of the price movements in the market and the forces that drive them up and down.

2. Be able to identify exact Entry and Exit points for you investments with the knowledge of Why & How to choose those specific entry & exit points.

3. The deeper understanding of the dynamic forces of demand & supply in the markets helps you make Sound and Confident investment & trading decisions.

4. Understand Risk, Reward and how they can be effectively used to increase profit and reduce risk.

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  When & Where.

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Next Classroom Session:

Dates:        Sat & Sun, 14 & 15 July 2018.
9.30 am to 6.30 pm all days. (Tea & Lunch Breaks included). 
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Fees are different for classroom and online courses. 

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