Elections 2014

  Elections 2014 Market Impact Reviews ...

We all know that the last 2 General Elections have thrown up surprise results. In both cases, the results have had significant impact our Markets.

What will happen this time? Well, that we will know only on 17 May, BUT, are you prepared for the results and are your Investments & Trades positioned to deal with the outcomes?

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To answer this question & debate it out throughly, BIC is hosting the following sessions over the coming weeks ...

1.  PRE - Results Market Review.
Thursday, 1st May. 9.30 am to 6 pm at BIC.

In this session we shall have a COMPREHENSIVE REVIEW of the Markets, from Fundamental AND Technical perspectives. We shall be doing this over a FULL DAY on Thursday, 1st May. 9.30 am to 6 pm.

The Purpose of this Session is to prepare ourselves & our portfolios for the Big Day. What should one do? Should you sell, hold or buy? And very importantly which sectors are likely to be affected positively & negatively?

2.  Post - Results Market Review.
Saturday or Sunday, 17 or 18 May. - To Be Confirmed.

This 2nd session is a follow up to the first after the complete election results are in. We shall look at what now? This will be a half day (or shorter) session to debate how the Market is likely to behave in the week(s) ahead.

3.  Weekly LFT on Fri 23rd May.
7.30 to 10 PM. Live Webinar.
Click here for details of BIC's Weekly LFT.

By now the Market would have discounted the final results & probably even the government formation. And we shall be in a position to take a well grounded post-event view of the Markets.

   Sessions Presented & Moderated by ...

Prashanth K & Dr. Musa Kaiser. 

Prashanth K is the Founder of the Technical Investor YahooGroup. One the first dedicated Market focused groups. He and his group has survived the ravages of Time & Markets and has an eclectic group of highly professional & committed Traders. When time permits, Prashanth shares some of his incisive wisdom & studies on his blog.

Prashanth has over 15 years of Market experience and is one of the few folks in the Indian Markets you really knows what he is talking about. His knowledge AND experience with some of the most important practical trading concepts: Technical Analysis, Rule Based Automated Trading, Risk Management, Emotional & Psychological issues is unmatched & hard to find.

An introvert by nature and not a person who will easily talk about himself & what he does & who he is, the easiest way to pull the wisdom out of him is to first read up something (anything!) in the Markets and then ask him his opinions on that. That should keep you and him fruitfully engaged for hours on end. And yes, he is back from Dubai ... :)

Prashanth will be making a presentation on what has & can happen in the Markets during Election time. His presentation will be data backed and will discuss & debate various possible outcomes. Prashanth will also ask & debate the question whether the Election Results will really have a major impact on the long term trajectory of the Market.

Dr. Musa R Kaiser, MD, CMT,
Click Here to know more about Dr. Musa.

Dr. Musa will present a detailed Fundamental & Technical review of the Indian Indices & individual stocks in the Nifty, Nifty Junior & other stocks on request. 

The discussion will center around how far the Markets, Sector Indices & Markets could fall or rise. On what trading & investing positions folks can take and what Risks & Rewards are associated with the positions.

We shall also be looking at various Spot & Derivative strategies to approach the Market and discuss in DETAIL the pro & cons of each of the strategies.

The Sessions will be INTERACTIVE and participants are encouraged to ask questions and contribute with their own analysis, insights, information & views.


Session 1 - PRE - Results Market Review.
Thursday, 1st May.
Time:          9.30 am to 6 pm. Lunch & Refreshments included.

Session 2 - POST - Results Market Review.
Sat or Sun, 17 or 18 May - Half day session.
Time:         Date & Time to be confirmed.

Session 3 - Weekly LFT on Fri 23rd May.
Click here for details of BIC's Weekly LFT.

Friday, 23 May.
Time:          7.30 to 10 PM. Live Webinar.

Venue:       BIC Office.

Fees:        Session 1 only: Rs. 4,000.
                Session 2 only: Rs. 2,000.
                Session 3 only: Rs. 1,000.
                               Total: Rs. 7,000

            All Sessions Package: Rs. 4,950 - Save Rs. 2,050 !

                FREE for the Mentorship Group!

Kindly Note:

You can register for any one / two / all sessions. We highly recommend you register for ALL the Sessions. Not only will you save Rs. 2050, you will immensely benefit from participating in the continuity of the discussion. We are sure this will offer many insights & will in all likely hood be a valuable learning & profitable experience.


There are LIMITED SEATS or do in touch with us asap and book your seat.
Call +91 93419 67573 to book your seat or for any queries.