The Kerala tragedy of 2018.

The Kerala environmental tragedy of July-August 2018 was long time in the making. Many of us has seen whatapp videos, seen visuals on television and probably been having sincere but casual conversations with our friends.

However, extremely few people have any understanding of the many deep rooted forces that have led to the current tragedy. Which, if you consider objectively is almost entirely man-made in the sense that we set up the ground for the rain to do the rest.

Various posts got me thinking and the one I reproduce below (with my own additions prompted me to at least investigate this seriously) to see HOW MY OWN FUTURE could be IMPACTED in the years ahead.

Bottomline, we humans contributed AT LEAST 90% to this devastation, the rain is just an excuse.

If you feel concerned and are looking to engage in actions to first "protect" our own personal and our family's futures and then also to collectively take steps to see what we can do to positively impact this URGENT situation.

Professor Madhav Gadgil,
the environment scientist – does the name a ring a bell?
Part 1 of the report. 522 pages if one dare's to read.

He was called in by the social forestry department, by the then government, to study the Impact of deforestation in the Western Ghats:
  • Illegal quarrying; i
  • Illegal occupation of forest lands;
  • Sand mining from rivers and
  • Converting paddy fields to real estate.
He cited all these and said Kerala, in the long run, will see devastation of unimaginable proportions. Landslides will occur in every hilly region of the State and rivers will flood without any sand in their beds … and riversides will become a morass of illegal construction.

He predicted this devastation in Kerala in 2011. Took 7 years to come true, a pretty short span of time! This gentleman professor gave a report over two thousand pages and urged the government to take action. They did. He had to leave in disgrace.

The left parties and the right parties, in unison, called him names and conducted marches against him in all the hilly districts. Nobody supported him. No, not any one of us!

So he left silently … and now, the most literate state in the Nation is gasping for survival.  It has been reduced to looking for help from every possible agency. 

It is VITAL to listen to and read publications of people like this, who are shunned by the mainstream of all sides BECAUSE they fearlessly speak the OBJECTIVE TRUTH and see long into the future and state extremely unpopular things which inevitably come true.

The govt, political parties, religious institutions of all faiths, business interest, etc, etc all opposed him vehemently. The govt went to the extent of forming the Kastrurirangan Panel to "revise" his report. The revised report was promptly "accepted" by the govt while the original Gadgil report was belittled.

I believe we are living in a similar denial and ostrich attitude regarding the (global) environment now and it's INEVITABLE impact on our lives. And this applies to massive, profound, multi-decade disruptive-transformative shifts in economics, social structures, politics and much more.

How many people have died and families rendered homeless! Politicians will survive; they always do, but shame on all us. We have allowed ourselves to be betrayed by a nexus of arrogant politicians, advocates, builders and a corrupt administration. 

We need to wake up to these shifts and "prepare" ourselves for the inevitable future that is coming our way; sooner than later.

If you are looking to engage (in ANY WAY) on this topic of perhaps our very survival, please do reach out and get in touch.

Let us at least start talking about this SERIOUSLY and take this into account while charting our own (personal) futures' ...

The above post was prompted by a whatsapp post that went viral on 17 Aug 2018. I have added content & emphasis and placed it above.