Equity - Next Step

  EqNS (Equity - Next Step) Overview

EqNS (Equity - Next Step) is our Flagship programme designed for those who:

  1. Want to make Investing & Trading the Financial Markets an important Income & Wealth Generating activity,
  2. Aspire to generate at least several lacs to many crores out of Investing & Trading,
  3. Recognise that there is a Science & Art to Wealth Creation from the Markets which can be learnt and
  4. Are willing to Invest the Time & Effort it requires to gain this Body-of-Knowledge.

EqNS (Equity - Next Step) offers:

  1. Theory, Insights & Practical aspects of Investing & Trading in Equity.
  2. A focus on the Indian environment by providing LIVE examples from India.
  3. Highly detailed actionable explanations of various phenomena in the markets,
  4. Insights into time tested Investing & Trading techniques,
  5. Valuable practical experience with live demonstrations, market tracking exercises and much more.

To bring together the various bits of knowledge into one seamless and integrated Body of Knowledge, the course is structured over 2 phases.

  • Part 1 is a 5 weekend duration that builds knowledge gradually. It has plenty of practical exercises to allow for the gradual integration of various Market concepts.
  • Part 2 is where participants build Confidence. They present their OWN research on stocks of their choice from anywhere in the world. The goal here is to present your own PRACTICAL & ACTIONABLE finding & take feedback to improve it even further & become through in one's thinking & insights.

  Course Contents

Part One
  This course is now available in the ONLINE format and you can join at anytime.

If you are keen on Classroom format only, please
Contact Us for dates of the next classroom batch
or Click Here to Register your interest in any of our courses.

Classroom sessions will be on Sat & Sun 3 to 7 pm.

Weekend / Session Topic Dates
   Weekend 1 - Essential Concepts -FC*
1What, Why & Importance of Equity.Sat & Sun, 9 & 10 Mar
2 How are shares created? DPs, IPOs. Sat & Sun, 16 & 17 Mar
3 FV, Bonus, Rights, Splits & much more. Sat & Sun, 23 & 24 Mar
4 Stock exchange functions, Indices, ETFs, etc. Sat & Sun, 13 & 14 Apr
   (No sessions on 6-7 Mar on account of Ugadi)
    Weekend 2 - Fundamental Analysis
Click here for full details of FA

5, 6 Fundamental Analysis - Day 1.
Sat & Sun, 20 & 21 Apr
7, 8 Fundamental Analysis - Day 2. Sat & Sun, 27 & 28 Apr
   Weekend 3 - Technical Analysis 1 - Dow Theory
Click here for full details of Dow Theory

9, 10 Core Concepts: Price Action, Support & Resistance. Sat & Sun, 4 & 5 May.
11, 12 Dow Theory Patterns, Strategies & Trading.
 Sat & Sun, 11 & 12 May
    Weekend 4 - Technical Analysis 2 - Candlesticks
Click here for full details of Candlesticks

 13, 14
 History, Philosophy, Basic Patterns.
Sat & Sun, 18 & 19 May
 15, 16
 Advanced Patterns, Trading & integrating with Dow.
Sat & Sun, 25 & 26 May
    Weekend 5 - Practical Stuff - FC*
17 Types of orders, types of trading. Sat & Sun, 1 & 2 Jun
18 Factors impacting markets; players, rules & regulations in India. Sat & Sun, 8 & 9 Jun
Investor & Trader Psychology. Greed & Fear vs Discipline & Rules. Sat & Sun, 15 & 16 Jun
Goal setting, creating & implementing your investing & trading strategy. Sat & Sun, 22 & 23 Jun
  LIVE Practical Day
Click here full details of the LPD
 21, 22
  A full day working session during market hours and after with live trades & demos. Mon, 24 Jun 2019.

* FC - Flipped Classroom. Click here to know more about Flipped Classroom.

For now, Weekends 1 & 5 of the EqNS course are on the Flipped Classroom approach. Weekends 2, 3 & 4 will continue with the traditional Classroom approach.

IMP NOTE: Dates above are confirmed for Weekend 1. Dates for subsequent weekends will be confirmed after inputs from participants on weekend 1. 

Part Two

Participant Presentations ...

Participant present their research & analysis, views on a topic of their choice.

  • The presentations will be on specific stocks, sectors, overall markets, global events, current affairs. Anything that could impact the markets.
  • The presentations will need to be researched, supported with data & facts, lead to broadening of knowledge, be actionable (and fun) - not just some general talk and copy-paste.

The purpose of the sessions:

  • To provide a platform for folks to present their work and receive feedback from co-participants and others.
  • To enhance practical skills and make informed investments.

Participants can expect ...

  • To receive guidance and support from members of BIC.
  • Subsequently offer their support to others.
  • Infrastructure support.

India Market Reviews:

Attend IMR - India Market Review sessions for up to 6 months after Phase One. The IMRs look at what happened in the Markets in the week gone by and also look for real time trading and investing opportunities in the week ahead.

The IMRs sessions are held weekly, usually on Friday evenings and give participants a hands-on experience of how analysis is done & continually updates as events occur around the world and locally.

  NEW: Upgrades to the Equity - Next Step Course:                 

The following upgrades have been made to the Equity - Next Step course based on feed back from earlier participants. The focus is to provide greater depth, breadth and experience of the markets to YOU - the truly keen and aspiring Wealth Creators of today and tomorrow.

  • Full Day session on Online Trading at a Stock Broker's office: to familiarise and add to the the participants understanding of the various functionalities that online trading platforms offer. Get an "inside" view, view tick-by-tick live charts and LIVE DEMOs of concepts discussed in the theory sessions (with emphasis on the Technical Analysis concepts).
  • Exercises after each session that are designed to have the participants do work in the real world and gain hands on familiarity & experience. (While not mandatory, participants are highly encouraged to do the exercises in order to gain vital insights into various aspects of investing & trading).
  • Fundamental Analysis module is better paced over 2 full days (earlier just one day) with more interaction and practical demonstration of concepts. Studies, practical illustrations and plenty of scope of discussion has been incorporated into the FA sessions. Participants who prefer FA based investing will find our up-dated FA session of great value. Click Here for more details on the Fundamental Analysis sessions.
  • Technical Analysis has 2 modules: Dow Theory and Candlesticks complemented with a Live Practical Day to demonstrate use of TA on live charts.

We look forward to the participants having a greater benefit from this course and thank the earlier participants for their valuable suggestions and inputs.

  NEW: Indices, ETFs, Exchanges, & Investor Psychology         

  • Indices & ETFs: A new session on Weekend 1: Indexes & ETFs. This covers the importance of tracking Indices of major markets, global, local and sectors. And discuss how to invest / trade ETFs and / or use them as substitutes to individual stock picking.
  • Exchanges: Here we look at what is an exchange, how it is structured and the various functions associated with it. This looks at what all one can do with the stock exchange website.
  • Investor Psychology: The session on Investor Psychology has been updated significantly with material from recent research studies in Neurofinance. This material will assist us in dealing with the psychological biases that impair Investing & Trading effectiveness. In other words: Assist us in holding our winners and exiting the losers quickly.
  • Charting Software Training: It is important to have the appropriate tools for your continued success. Towards this, BIC will provide training to enable you to use charting software effectively. We shall also have a look at the various software option available to you.

  Course Presented by ...

The course will be delivered by Dr. Musa R Kaiser, MD, CMT.
Click Here to know more about the Course Presenter

  Sessions Format

  1. Semi-formal setting with plenty of interaction.
  2. Lots of visual displays for easy learning and comprehension.
  3. Reviews of previous sessions and presentation of Exercises by participants.
  4. Every topic will be supported with real examples from the Indian markets.


  Ideal For

  • Anyone with a truly serious interest AND patience to learn about wealth generation and equity markets.

We have had engineers, doctors, housewives, students, businessmen & senior citizens in this programme and the mix of peoples and opinions has always made the discussions much richer, impacting and fun.

  • NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE is required.
  • All Terms & Concepts will be COVERED FROM SCRATCH in simple, easy-to-understand-English with Indian and global examples. Even if you don't know what equity means, have never invested in equity (stock markets) but have a keen desire to learn then this course is for you.

  • If you do have prior knowledge & experience, you are very likely to find the course useful in taking you to the next level of understanding and performance in your trading & investing. We say this with confidence given the significantly better results that many of our participants have achieved in their endeavours after attending this course.

  What can you expect?

  1. Have sound foundational knowledge about the what, why & how of equity, its investing and trading.
  2. Learn to filter the real valuable information from the noise and hype in the media.
  3. Learn time-honoured insights & techniques.
  4. Have greater Confidence & Conviction in your OWN judgements.
  5. Go to the next level of performance in anything related to the stock markets!
  6. Make Money: Not only make the course FREE for yourself but also make money from it. How? From the Investment & Trading Calls that we will generate during the sessions in the course!

  When & Where?

Important NOTE:

This course is available in 2 delivery formats: 

1.  As traditional CLASSROOM. Please check below for the next available dates or Contact Us if none has been announced yet.

2.  As ONLINE Flipped Classroom format.
Click here to know more about Flipped Classroom.

Click Here to Register your interest in any of our courses.

Next Classroom Session:

Dates:        Weekend 1 on Sat & Sun, 9 & 10 Mar 2019.
3 to 7 pm all days.
    BIC Office, 45, Netaji Road, Fraser Town, Bangalore – 560 005.

Directions - click here & BIC on Google Maps

Contact Us for details or Click Here to Register your interest in any of our courses.

  Fees - please read in detail                                                   

Important NOTE: 

Fees are different for classroom and online courses. 
Kindly review the fee schedule below in detail. 

You can participate in the course in 2 ways:

1. Integrated Courses with Special Discounted Fees:

 Online -
 Flipped Classroom.
 Classroom -
 Traditional face to face.





INR. 54,950
Spot Registration
INR. 2,000 extra.

a DISCOUNT of Rs 38,450

INR. 74,950
Spot Registration
INR. 2,000 extra.

 of Rs 28,450


Recorded videos + LIVE interactive doubt & practical session for EVERY TOPIC.
+  Live Practical Day
Charting Software & Live data 
+  IMR Webinars for 6 months.
All 20 Sessions in classroom.
+  Live Practical Day
Charting Software & Live data 
+  IMR Webinars for 6 months.

See below for further discounts that may be applicable to you.
* Taxes Extra.

2. Session by Session
Pay the fee for only those sessions you attend.

Weekend / Session Topic Fees, INR
  Weekend 1 - Essential Concepts  
1 What, Why & Importance of Equity.  Session 1 - 4
2 How are shares created? DPs, IPOs.  2,950 each.*
3 FV, Bonus, Rights, Splits & much more.  
4 Stock exchange functions, Indices, etc.  
    Weekend 2 - Fundamental Analysis  
5, 6 Fundamental Analysis - Day 1.  14,950 *
7, 8 Fundamental Analysis - Day 2.  All Inclusive
   Weekend 3 - Technical Analysis 1 - Dow Theory
9, 10 Core Concepts: Price Action, Support & Resistance.  14,950 *
11, 12 Dow Theory Patterns.
 All Inclusive
   Weekend 4 - Technical Analysis 2 - Candlesticks
 13, 14
 History, Philosophy, Basic Patterns.
 14,950 *
 15, 16
 Advanced Patterns, Trading & Integrating with Dow.
 All Inclusive
    Weekend 5 - Practical Stuff  
17 Types of orders, types of trading.  Sessions 17 - 20
Factors impacting markets; players, rules & regulations in India.  2,950 each *
Investor & Trader Psychology. Greed & Fear vs Discipline & Rules.  
Goal setting, creating & implementing your investing & trading strategy.  
   LIVE Practical Day  
21, 22 LIVE full day working sessions during market hours and after. Hosted at a stock broker's office with LIVE discussions of market action.  5,950 *


     NEW Add-on to EqNS   

Data +

You will need Stock Charting Software & Data Services to get daily stock data updates. BIC offers data services and charting software training.

EqNS participants get a 2 mth live data package and full feature charting software as part of the course.^

 5,000 *
   12 x 2 IMR - India Market Review Webinars
over 6 months.
  These are the weekly in-depth Market Review Sessions to analyse what happened in the week gone by and to look for Investing & Trading Opportunities ahead.
Each IMR is
Rs. 1,000.

   Total Course fee - Session by Session
    - Register for EqNS Integrated Course 
      and save Rs 23,430 - see above.

INR. 1,03,400 *

Please Note:

  1. Mode of participation: i.e. Session by Session or Integrated cannot changed later.
  2. You can pay the Integrated Course Fee and attend a few sessions in one batch and some others in the next Equity - Next Step batch. There is no additional charge for this facility. Let us know in advance if you plan on availing this facility.
  3. * Taxes extra.
  4. ^ Those who wish to avail data services for 1 year and above can avail BIC's data services as a separate fee based service.

Special Discount Offers (on Integrated Course fees):
  • Investing in Equity (our 2 days equity crash course) participants graduating to any EqNS Package receive a Rs. 2,000/- discount of any EqNS Package Fee. 
  • Couples (as in husband & wife ;-) receive a Rs. 5,000 discount per person on the EqNS Integrated Course. To avail this discount, the couple must register together and save Rs. 10,000 !
  • Reviewing EqNS? - avail a 50% off on any EqNS Session / Package.
  • A participant can avail of only one discount. Discounts cannot be clubbed

Fees can be paid by cash cheque / online transfer. Contact Us for details.
(Cheques must clear before commencement of the course).

  Testimonials ...                                                                      

Please Click Here to see what some of participants have said about this and other courses offered by the Bangalore Investors Club.

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