Fibonacci Overview

Leonardo Fibonacci was an Christian monk in the 12th century who discovered that the number series 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, ... has some unique properties. The very same properties have been discovered in nature on every scale (from planetary to atomic distances) and in every aspect of Life (biology, arts, sciences, music, mathematics and much more) - and is therefore, these Fibonacci Numbers are also called the Divine Numbers (and Divine Ratios.)

This fact has some stunning implications in life and in our case for traders & investors. You will be amazed not only at the theory but also as to how stunningly accurate and recurring this phenomenon is the markets. The knowledge and use of Fibonacci can vastly improve anyone's performance in the markets and this course delivers just that: it
covers the entire body of knowledge from theory to practical applications of these properties in trading & investing in all types of markets ... stocks, commodities and forex.


Course Contents

Topics coverd are:

1. The Fibonacci Numbers and Ratio; Fibonacci in Life.
2, Tools for using Fibonacci: theoritical and practical issues.
3. Fibonacci & Corrections.
4. Fibonacci & Extentions (Rallies).
5. Combining Corrections & Extensions for Multiple Fibonacci Targets.
6. Fibonacci Time Analysis.
7. Combining Price & Time.
8. Combining Fibonacci & other approaches in technical analysis.


Sessions Format

Full Day Format: 3 full days. Each day from 9.30am to 5.30pm, with a mid-morning, lunch & mid-afternoon breaks.
Evening Sessions Format: 8 evening classes; from 7pm to 10pm.
Weekend Format: 2 sessions per weekend (one session each on Sat & Sun) over 4 weekends.

Multimedia based & highly interactive with plenty of practicals from the Indian markets.

Ideal For

Aspiring and active investors and traders looking for that one method based on natural laws in Nature & Life. Not only are many Natural, real life examples illustrated in the sessions, the course also provides a sound theoretical foundation of Fibonacci with a multitude of practical examples of this in various local & global markets.

For beginners in trading & investing prior knowledge and experience is NOT necessary to attend this workshop. All concepts and terms are explained from scratch with examples to reinforce the learning. Those having knowledge of Dow Theory and Candlesticks will find the course a tremendous value add.


What can you expect?

1. A sound understanding of the Fibonacci Phenomenon and how the markets are influenced by forces that we are just beginning to understand.
2. An understanding of the unique & universal properties of Fibonacci, what they mean and how to use the knowledge practically.
3. Be able to identify excellent and accurate Fibonacci based Entry and Exit points for you investments with the knowledge of Why & How to ascertain those specific Entry & Exit points.
4. Combining Fibonacci with other approaches of technical analysis to give you an edge in your weatlh generating endeavours. 

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When & Where

To be announced.

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