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View Free to Dream on Demand ...                                             

To read a brief write-up on what Free to Dream is about, click here.
Please read Before You Start & Topics Covered before viewing the video.

Click <Maximize> on the bottom right of the video to watch in full screen mode.

Before you start ...                                                                       

Before you start, take some time to play around with the various controls at the bottom
of your screen: Maximise, Video Slides, Screen Group and the Slides. Click each one
and see how the screen changes. Once you are comfortable with a particular setting, then
just let it play. NOTE: The Play, Pause, Rewind, Forward features are to be found on the
<Video Window> of the Webinar.

And have some refreshments, paper & pencil by your side while you view it. They will all be handy!

Topics covered ...                                                                         

There are 2 ways you can watch Free to Dream ...

1. Just Click Here and you will start right at the beginning (total 4 hours).
2. From the table below, click the Video Link of the Topic you wish to view and start.

 Video Topics Discussed in the Segment
  Introduction to FTD.
  Why do we work? Contentment & Dream Gap!
  Start your FTD here if you want to view from Start to Finish.
  How Fortunes are Lost. The System vs Us.
  Life Insurance - an example.
  How Expensive is Ignorance?
Three  How Fortunes ARE Made. Compounding.
  Postpone now & Pay later.
  What IF ...?
Four  Procrastination - how expensive is it?
  Time really IS Money - understand why.
Five  Facts, Figures & some Fundamental Investing Concepts.
  Costs of bringing up a child.
  Retirement: how much, today & tomorrow?
Six  Understanding Inflation.
  Real Effective Growth Rate.
  Rich vs Wealthy.
Seven  Risk & Risky.
  Zero Risk.
  Debt & Equity.
Eight  Equity Markets in India.
  Past, Present & Future.
  How are you going to participate?

Give us your feedback ...                                                             

We would like to make FTD much better that it is and we INVITE your feedback for the same. Do let us know what you think, how it can improved, topics you would like added, removed, updated, ANYTHING !!!

Over time, we shall incorporate the suggestions as they come in and update & upgrade your FTD Experience.

Email us at musa <@> BangaloreInvestorsClub <.> com or just Live Chat with us (assuming of course that you are watching when we are awake and online !)

ps: While I am quite comfortable and natural in front of a live audience, I am not so in front of a camera. So if you find me a little wooden and boring to watch in the FTD, please do excuse the demeanour. (That's why I like the feature where you can have the Video off but still see the Slides & have the audio :))

Lastly, the live FTD Sessions are quite fun, way more interactive and quite a different experience. I look forward to seeing you at a LIVE FTD. And if you would like to organise one for your colleagues / friends / office / club / anywhere, then do let us know and we will be happy to discuss it with you.