Fundamental Analysis

  Fundamental Analysis (FA) Overview

Fundamental Analysis, FA for short, is the study of a security (whatever it might be: stocks, commodities, forex, etc) from a perspective of analysing and comparing basic financial data about the security. In case of stocks, a Fundamental Analysis will look at the balance sheet, profit & loss statement, cash flows, products and services of the company, its market share, the management quality, its performance versus its peers etc. Having done the above (and more), decisions regarding investing or exiting from a company will be made. 

Fortunately today, one does NOT have to be a financial wizard to understand all the above as much of the information required is already analysed and made available on the internet. Basic evaluations are already done, tables with the data are available and the investor now has to use this data to make his or her own decisions.

In this intensive 2 day course, important commonly used terms and metrics are covered in detail. Further, practical exercises are used to illustrate when and how to use FA appropriately, which evaluation methods are useful for what types of companies, in what types of market conditions is FA is relevant and when it is not.


  Course Contents & Dates

Session Topic     Date  


   What is Fundamental Analysis?
   Importance of Fundamental Analysis
   What FA tells you and does not tell you
   Benefits & Pitfalls of FA.
   Tools of FA, where to get them for free
   EPS: Earnings per Share, types of EPS


25 Jan

11 am

Day 1

   P/E: Price to Earnings Ratio
   PE Bands,
PEG: Price Earnings Growth Ratio
   Practical exercises with live data of EPS, P/E, PEG
   Pros and Cons of the above

25 Jan

3 pm

Day 2

   BV: Book Value
   P/B: Price to Book Value Ratio
   Dividend Yield
   Dividend Payout Ratio
   P/S: Price to Sales Ratio
   ROCE / RONW / ROE: Return on Capital Employed /
   Return on Net Worth / Return on Equity
   Debt to Equity Ratio


26 Jan

11 am

Day 2

   Intrinsic Value
   Industry specific valuation techniques
   Investing based on FA - factors to keep in mind
   Growth Investing
   Value Investing
   Value Traps
   Turnaround Stories
   Investing for Income
   Practical exercises.


26 Jan

3 pm


  NEW: Upgrades to the sessions ...

There will be plenty of practical exercises which will be done to reinforce the concepts and learning and it will be no surprise if we find some stories to invest in on a FA basis!

In order to achieve the above goals, the course, which was earlier over 2 half-day sessions, is now over 2 FULL days.

Participants can bring laptops so that they can do practical exercises with data. Those coming with a laptop need to come 20 min early so that we can have the laptop connected to our wireless network. Power connections will be provided.

  Course Presented by ...

The course will be delivered by Dr. Musa R Kaiser, MD, CMT.
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  Sessions Format

The Fundamental Analysis (FA) Course is conducted over 2 full days. The sessions are highly interactive and emphasis is on the practical aspects and exercises. This allows the participants to get the real-world, application oriented feel of FA (versus boring theory!). There is also plenty of time for refreshments and lunch :-)

The Course can be also be delivered in smaller sessions (each of 3-4 hours) and spread over a week. Contact Us for any special requirements such as In-House programmes etc.

Multimedia based & highly interactive.

  Ideal For

Aspiring investors looking for a sound practical, decision facilitating approach to Fundamental Analysis (FA) with specific reference to the Indian markets. Individuals who prefer the credibility based, prove-the-company-is-good approach to investing will find this course idea for them. Also, meet and stay in touch with like minded people in FA.

Prior knowledge and experience is NOT necessary to attend our Fundamental Analysis (FA) course. All concepts and terms are explained from scratch with exercises to reinforce the learning.

  What can you expect?

1. A sound understanding of Fundamental Analysis (FA): it principles, different approaches and usefulness.
2. Learn the types of Fundamental Analysis (FA) based investing and find out what your preference is.
3. Learn how to Enter and Exit investments based on Fundamental Analysis (FA).
4. Learn how to track FA based investments and follow them appropriately.

After the Fundamental Analysis (FA) Course, stay in touch with like minded people and refine your learning and experience by participating in Bangalore Investors Club's weekly sessions. Click Here for details.

  When & Where

Important NOTE: 

This course is available in 2 delivery formats: 

1.  As traditional CLASSROOM. Please check below for the next available dates or Contact Us if none has been announced yet.

2.  As ONLINE Flipped Classroom format.
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Next Classroom Session:

Dates:        Sat & Sun, 25 - 26 Jan 2020..
11 am to 6 pm all days. pm all days. (Tea & Lunch Breaks included). 
    BIC Office, 45, Netaji Road, Fraser Town, Bangalore – 560 005.
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Important NOTE:

Fees are different for classroom and online courses. 

1.  Online Flipped Classroom: INR 11,950

2.  Classroom - traditional flipped classroom: INR 14,950
Spot Registration INR 1,000/- extra.

Fees are all inclusive of course fees, materials & refreshments. 
Taxes extra.

Special Discount Offer: 

Groups of 3 and above Rs. 1,000 discount per person on the above fees.
To avail this discount, the group must register together.

Fees can be paid by cash / cheque / online transfer. Contact Us for details.
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Special Offer for Reviewers:  For all those who have attended the course earlier and wish to revise their FA - avail a 50% Discount on the above fees.

Fees can be paid by cash / cheque / online transfer. Contact Us for details.

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