The Greatest Scam Ever - Global Banking !

Greetings ...  

We are probably tired of hearing of scams every now and then. BUT, BUT, BUT, how many of us are aware of thee BIGGEST SCAM there is?

And, do you know that this SCAM is 100% legal, global and supported by all governments & central banks??

And, do you know how each and every one of us being systematically scammed out of our money & life???

Well, read on ... 

We would like to have this session be really interactive, thought provoking, fun & have ACTIONABLE outcomes. So any background reading, youtubing you can do and creating any list of questions, etc is most welcomed and encouraged.

There are LIMITED SEATS so please revert and REGISTER EARLY.

We will "present" some really insightful stuff in the morning which will really get us to think just above "every" aspect of the life we live around "money". This will set the basis for what will very likely be animated, fun & reflective discussions thereafter. I am quite positive that the discussions will be very interactive with lots of insights & aha moments !! 

Requesting all those attending to keep their full day free for the session and if we finish early (which rarely happens at BIC !!), then we have half a Sunday to enjoy.

Those who wish to attend, kindly rsvp asap to help make the appropriate arrangements.

Looking forward to a "path-breaking" session.
Details below ...

Sunday, 12 November 2017.

Agenda & Topics:

First, please watch this short video.

Session One. 9.30 am - 1 pm.
Key Fundamental Concepts.

History of Money.
What is Money?

FRB - Fractional Reserve Banking & Monopoly Money!
Reserve vs Fiat Money.
Financialisation of Life!

Role of Central Banks, Governments & the Elite.
The role of the "common man", i.e you & I. 
How they rob us, legally & systematically.

The Greatest Scam EVER - with all the PROOF you need !

Lunch 1 to 2 pm.

Session Two. 2 - 6 pm (maybe longer?)
Preparing for the Inevitable. 

Real vs "UnReal" assets. 
Digital money & the war on cash.

What history can teach us about what lays ahead.
The profound price we are paying and will continue to pay - for a long time !!
Is there anything we can do about it?

Preparing for the future. 
What can we do? & How to go about doing it ...
Hard assets, offshore investing, crypto-currency.

Date:   Sunday, 12 Nov 2017. 9.30 am to 6 pm IST (GMT +5.30 hrs).
Venue: Bangalore Investors Club (we are on Google Maps).
Fees:   INR 1,000 (inclusive of lunch & refreshments).

To know more & / or register:

Musa Kaiser    -  +91 93419 67573 or
Godwin Monis -  +91 77603 65566 or
email @