Gold Overview

Gold: one the most cherished metals for thousands of years had a great and facinating story about itself, cultures, human being and life itself. Gold has been an investment over hundreds of years and here in India, we are biggest consumers of Gold in the world; our culture has cherished and treasured it.

With the the growing importance of Gold and the new trading and investment opportunities that have become available, more and more people are curious about this asset not just for jewellery but also as an investment and trading tool.

Find out all the above and more in our very well put together & facinating session on Gold and how you can use the opportunities it offers to create, value, hedge and preserve wealth not only in the short term but for decades ahead - a truly eye opening session.


Course Contents

The session covers the following issues: 

1. History of Gold
2. Properties of Gold
3. Why is Gold valuable?
4. Why should you be aware of & track Gold?
5. A new era for Gold?
6. Gold Prices: past, present & future
7. Taking advantage of the Golden opportunities.
8. Source of information, data & reports.


Sessions Format

We have the following session formats:

I. A 1 day session where ALL the topics mentioned above are covered in great detail. The participants get an in-depth understanding about Gold and the opportunities on hand. The session includes a lunch and two refreshment breaks.

II. A half day session over 4 hours where the core body ALL the topics are covered. There is one refreshment break.

III. An Introductory format over 1 hour providing a holistic overview of of Gold.


Ideal For

Everyone! Yes, everyone!

Aam Aadmi:
If you are "aam aadmi" then surely, already have some Gold with you and if you (like most Indians) want to have more of it, then this session could open your mind to many aspects of Gold that would benefit you in many ways.

Investors & Traders:
Any serious investor should know about Gold in detail, how it impacts wealth, especially over the longer term and how to use this knowledge to secure one financial future. A trader has tremendous opportunities to make money by trading one of the most versatile and liquid commodities. To add, Gold is one commodity that has huge amounts of information, reports, data etc and this is a virtual goldmine of information and knowledge about short, medium and long term trends in Gold.


When & Where

To be announced.

If you are interested in this or any of our workshops, please do Contact Usand let us know of your interest. We maintain a list of those interested in various workshops and schedule the workshops at the earliest opportunity. If you are on our list then we will definitely let you know as soon as we have a workshop scheduled.


To be announced.

Special Note on Gold

If you would like a CUSTOMISED presentation on Gold for your organisation (or club / association), please Contact Us and we would be happy to create one to address the needs of your audience and organisation.