Hyderabad Sessions

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BIC is looking to offer its courses outside of Bangalore.
We propose to host the following courses in Hyderabad.

Free to Dream session at Hyderabad on Sunday, 26 July 09.

This is, as we like to call it, our Mind Opener on Personal Finance. It discusses with lots of live examples as to how any average Indian can make much more wealth in his / her lifetime by being aware of some important aspects of investing, financial products, how the system works etc. Very interactive & fun too, we promise you will never see your future & money in the same light after you attend this session. Click here to know more about Free to Dream.

If you would like to host the Free to Dream session for your company / organisation / club / family & friends please do contact us for a discussion.

Date:         Sunday, 26 July 09. Open to public.
Timings:    Registration & Get together: 9.00 to 9.30 am. Programme: 9.30 am to 1 pm.
Venue:      To be announced.


Investing in Equity course on Sat & Sun, 25 & 26 July 09. Registrations are OPEN.

This is our comprehensive 2 day course on all the important aspects of investing & trading equity markets. Please click here for full details of the course. Note: As we have limited seats, all interested are requested to register early. Seats will be blocked on a first come first served basis.

Date:       Sat & Sun, 25 & 26 July.
Timings:  on Sat: 9.30 am to 6.30 pm
               on Sun: 2.30 pm to 9 pm (due to the Free to Dream session in the morning).
Venue:    To be announced.


Hyderabad Contacts: 

Or write to: hyderabadinvestorsclub@yahoo.in

Click here to contact us in Bangalore.