Integrated TA Course

  Integrated Technical Analysis (TA) Course

Technical Analysis or TA for short, is the field of studying stock (or any security) charts and the various patterns formed on them. These patterns have been observed for several centuries and time has show that they work.

Also, TA is the only tool that offers an understanding of the sentiments of the markets and hence keep your positions on the "right" side of the market.

TA helps to answer the KEY Questions that all of us want to do: 

  • What the security is likely to to do?
  • Is it likely to go up, down or sideways?
  • And further how far up or down it is likely to go.

Professional practitioners use TA to find high probability setups in the charts to take positions in the market. Practitioners of TA range from day traders to multi-year investors.

BIC's offers various TA Courses detailed below. 

You can choose to participate in only one particular course or take up multiple one at a time. Those looking at the highest levels can choose to take the Integrated TA Course (at an attractive discount!).

  Integrated TA Course - Modules

The following Technical Analysis Modules are offered:
Click the respective link to see complete details of each module.

1  Dow Theory
  Sat & Sun, 6 & 7 Feb
2 days
2  Advanced Dow
2 days
  Japanese Candlesticks
  Sat & Sun, 13 & 14 Feb.
2 days
  Point & Figure Charting
2 days
  Elliot Wave
2 days
  Cyclical Analysis
2 days
  Technical Indicators
10+ weeks
  Advanced Indicators
2 days
  Live Practical Day
  Mon, 29 Feb
1 day
10  TA Software Training
  To Be Announced.
1 day

TBA - To Be Announced.

2 day courses are usually full day from 9.30 am to 7 pm.
Technical Indicator Course is spread over 10+ weekends, 20+ sessions of 3+ hours each.
Live Practical Day & is a 1 full day LIVE Market session from 8.30 am to 5 pm.
Software Training is a one day course.

  Fees ...

Each course has its own stand alone all inclusive course fee.
Course material, Lunch & Refreshments are included in the course fee.

Module Name
Fees - INR.

  Dow Theory,
  Japanese Candlesticks,
  and Point & Figure Charting.


each module

2 days
each module

  Elliot Wave Course
  3 levels course.

        Level 1: 30,000
        Level 2: 30,000
        Level 3: 40,000

         2 days.
         2 days.
       4 months.
  Live Practical Day,
  TA Software Training

each module

1 day
each module

  Technical Indicators Module*

10+ weekends
Register for any:
1 to 2 modules
Course fee as indicated
3 to 4 modules
Rs. 1,000 discount each
3,000 to 4,000
5 to 6 modules
Rs. 2,000 discount each
10,000 to 12,000
     Best Offer     

Integrated TA Course
All Modules

Rs. 1,49,950
vs full fee of 1,83,800

Rs 33,850 !

*  for those who have done EqNS or FnO Course,
Rs. 39,950 (Rs. 5,000 discount).

  Terms & Conditions ... 

There are the following options in how to participate in the Integrated TA Course;
  • Do one module at a time and pay only for that.
  • Register for any combination of modules of your choice.
    • AVAIL the DISCOUNT and pay the fee as applicable.
    • Participate in the registered modules back-to-back as they are scheduled OR spread your participation as per your convenience.
    • Lock In your fee. You will NOT be charged extra for any fee increases once you have made the payment.
  • There will be a 25% Cancellation Fee if you cancel 2 or more days before start of the module / course. No refunds thereafter.
  • You can reschedule your course at no extra charge a maximum of two times. Please note that there will be no refund of fees after that.

   Some Important Points ...

Each TA Theory was created independent of others and stands on its own merit. Hence in a module we focus exclusively on that theory so that the participants have its FULL knowledge and can apply it correctly and fully on the charts.

While each TA Theory can be practiced without knowledge of any other, it is important to note that every theory has its advantages & disadvantages. Almost all serious practitioners of TA combine at least a few different TA approaches in their analysis.

Combining strengths of different theories to fill in the weakness of the others has significant benefits. It is clearly profitable to have deep knowledge & practice of at least 2-3 different approaches to the Markets.

At the end of each Module, there will be a practical & interactive demonstration & discussion on how to integrate that module's knowledge with other TA Approaches. This will allow participants to integrate their knowledge into one holistic technical approach.

  To maximise your Value ... 

Dress comfortably ...
We want your Mind to be full here during the course. So dress comfortably and what is appropriate. Ties & formals are a no no. Jeans & T-shirts are fine. Footware is to be left outside the training hall, so please don't come with smelly socks or feet!
Bring a a laptop.
Power & Internet access will be available to all participants.

Why? Because all BIC Courses are highly INTERACTIVE, very PRACTICAL & ACTIONABLE. In ALL our courses, we practically demonstrate how to make use of the Abundance of Data & Information that is available on the Net. By bringing your laptop, you will be able to access these resources and save them on your personal systems.

Ask Questions ...
Participants are encouraged to ask questions & have all their doubts clarified. Please ask, no matter how stupid or foolish the question may seem to you. Don't hold back!

Remember, if you have the wrong understanding, it will directly lead you to have foolish losses and we certainly don't want that do we? So please please please ASK !!!

Technical Indicators are built on the raw data (price, volume & time) that is embeded in the technical chart. Hence it is very useful to have some knowledge & practice of at least one of the technical theories before registering for the Technical Indicators module.

  Going nuts?

We fully expect that some folks who visit this have dozens of questions. Pick up the phone, get in touch and let's have a through discussion on ALL your queries, no matter how long it takes!

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