Investing in Equity

  Investing in Equity Overview

IiE - Investing in Equity is our intensive, fast track, rapid learning programme for those who want a Quick Start into the wide world of Stock Markets.

IiE is offered over 2 full days in the Classroom format and over Eight 2 hours sessions in the Online format.

IiE provides an excellent overview of ALL the important factors involved in Investing and Trading in the stock markets.

The course covers Essential Concepts & Actionable Practical aspects of Investing in Equity - with the focus on the Indian stock markets.

The topics covered in the course are the most important core concepts & practices that every successful Investor & Trader knows in depth. If you really want to make money in the markets, these are things you MUST KNOW.

At every step, the practical uses, the how-to, when and why will be highlighted and illustrated with real examples. This will assist you significantly in your endeavour to profit from the markets.

  Course Contents

Day / Topics
  Day 1 / Online Session (OS)

OS 1
  What are Shares? Types of Shares.
  Bonus, Rights &  Splits of Shares.
  Dividends & Buy-backs.

Sat, 23 Feb.
10 am to 
7 pm.

OS 2
  Factors impacting stock prices.
  How to track & interpret them.
  Who are the various market participants &
  how they impact the market.

OS 3
  Fundamental Analysis I -
  What is FA? Importance of FA
  Important Ratios: EPS, PE, BV & ROCE & more.

OS 4
  Fundamental Analysis II -
  Investing based on FA.
  Value & Growth Investing with practical examples

  Day 2 / Online Session (OS)

OS 5
  Technical Analysis I -
  Dow Theory, Important chart patterns.

Sun, 24 Feb.
10 am to 
7 pm.

OS 6
  Technical Analysis II -
  Investing & Trading Strategies based on TA with
  LIVE practical examples.

OS 7
  Investor Psychology.
  How it impacts investing.
  It's pitfalls and how to avoid them.

OS 8
  Investment & Trading plans.
  Creating plans that work for YOU.

TBA - To Be Announced.
The Online Course schedules can be customised to the needs of the participants.
Contact Us for further details. 

  Course Presented by ...

The course will be delivered by Dr. Musa R Kaiser, MD, CMT.
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  Sessions Format


1. Semi-formal setting with plenty of interaction.
2. Lots of visual displays for easy learning and comprehension.
3. Every topic will be supported with real examples from the Indian markets.
4. Bring your laptop (Not a must but useful). Wifi & Power is provided.

Online as flipped classroom:

Take the Investing in Equity course online ANYTIME at your convenience and pace. 
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  Ideal For

NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE is required to attend the course.

This 2 days course is ideal for anyone who wants to quickly grasp the essential and practical concepts of how to make money in the stock markets. The course is designed for those who are (i) new to the markets and (ii) those would like to strengthen & widen their knowledge base with sound fundamentals. If you do have prior knowledge & experience, you are likely to find the course a very useful revision of various topics.

We have had engineers, doctors, housewives, students, businessmen & senior citizens in this programme. The mix of peoples and opinions make the discussions richer, more practical and fun.

All Terms & Concepts will be COVERED FROM SCRATCH in simple, easy-to-understand-English. Even if you don't know what equity means, have never invested in equity (stock markets) but have a keen desire to learn and want to do it quickly then this course is for you.

  What can you expect?

1. Acquire core knowledge about the what, why & how of equity, its investing and trading.
2. Manage your equity investments more effectively & confidently; based on knowledge of how markets behave.
3. Learn to filter the real valuable information from the marketing hype in the media.
4. Have confidence and conviction in your own judgments.
5. Lessen your risks and generate higher profits - the course is all about ACTIONABLE KNOWLEDGE.

  When & Where

Classroom Schedule:

Dates:        Sat & Sun, 23 & 24 Feb 2019.
Timings:    10 am to 7 pm both days.
Venue:       BIC Office, 45, Netaji Road, Fraser Town, Bangalore – 560 005.
                  Directions - click here & BIC on Google Maps

Timings:  To be announced.
 Contact Us for next classroom dates.

Online Flipped Classroom - View on Demand.
You can view the FULL, unedited course online at your convenience and at your pace. This is a full recording of the course. It is broken down into small convenient, easy-to-understand parts of 45-90 min each.

You can follow up your viewing with a live Q&A interaction over a webinar to clear all your doubts and get up to date with the current Market situation and expectations.

The session will be setup at a time of mutual convenience to you and an experienced facilitator from BIC. Click here to know more about flipped classroom.


Important NOTE:

Fees are different for classroom and online courses. 

1.  Online Flipped Classroom: INR 10,950

2.  Classroom - traditional face to face: INR 14,950
Spot Registration INR 1,000/- extra.

Fees are all inclusive of course fees, materials & refreshments.
Taxes extra.

Special Discount Offer:

Groups of 3 and above Rs. 1,000 discount per person on the above fees.
To avail this discount, the group must register together.

Fees can be paid by cash / cheque / online transfer. Contact Us for details.
(Cheques must clear before commencement of the course).

  Testimonials ...

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