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This was inserted in the Times of India, Bangalore on 4th September 2007, page 7. Do have a look and attend the conference, its FREE.

Speakers LIst:

Ahmed Al Wahishi. Chief of the Arab League in India.

Mahesh Bhatt. Eminent Film Personality & Social Activist.

Uto Baader. CEO of Baader Wertpapierhandelsbank AG, Germany & President of Munich Stock Exchange.

R K Gupta. MD of Taurus Mutual Fund.

Anand Tandon Eminent. Investment Manager & Co-Founder of Gryffon Investment Advisors.

Janab Shikh Mufti Salman Mansoorpur. Shariah Scholar, Madrassa Shahi Moradabad, UP.

Mufti Abdul Qayoom. Shariah Advisor, First Islamic India Fund, Germany.

Dr. Musa R Kaiser. Founder Bangalore Investors Club & Assets.

Imtiyaz Merchant. Head of Research, Parsoli Corporation Limited.