Life Insurance

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Life Insurance - Overview

Life Insurance is an essential element of financial planning for any individual and indeed for organisations too (surprised?). India is one of the most under-insured countries in the world. It has been only a few years since the insurance scene was opened up in India. Many of us are getting calls routinely by insurance agents about various insurance products that they want us to buy. In a scenario like this, what does one do? 

Think about this: One of the most important decisions many individuals in India make is the type of life insurance policy they buy. This one decision can make you richer or poorer by several lakhs (maybe even a crore of more!) over the life of the policy.

The key to successfully choosing the right life insurance policy is to get to the core of the life insurance concepts and products - important financial knowledge that is easy to learn and can save you several lakhs in the process. In this course, we cover all of this and more in an easy-to-understand and useable way.

Absolutely no prior knowledge is required and the course is open to all.

Course Contents

Topics covered are:

1. What is Life Insurance?
2. Why should one have life insurance and its important role in financial planning.
3. Life Insurance concepts: Risk, Insurable Interest, Sum Assured (SA), Premium, Term, Surrender Value, Assignment, Revival and more.
4. Type of Life Insurance: Term, Endowment, Money-Back, Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIPs), Pension Plans, Child Education Plans.
5. Advantages and Disadvantages of each type of policy.
6. Uses of life insurance: risk, wealth, retirement and inheritance planning.
7. Life Insurance for Organisations: Keyman & Employee-Employer Insurance.
8. Tax related issue with life insurance.
9. Myths and marketing issues about life insurance.
10. Life Insurance as a long term and stable income-generating opportunity for individuals.
11. Future of life insurance in India.

Ideal For

Individuals will immensely benefit from the Course. Prior knowledge is not required; all terms & concepts will be explained from scratch with examples.

Sessions Format

The topics are fully covered in 2 full days. Organisations wishing to host the course in-house can have it over 2 full days or have it as half-day modules.

When & Where?

Training sessions can be conducted at our office or in-house at your organisation or a location of your convenience. Please Contact Us for information regarding the next course, venue etc.


Introductory Fee: Rs. 2,500/- per person for the 2 day session at our premises. (Inclusive of course fees, materials, lunch and refreshments).