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Dear Reader,

It is difficult to convey in a write-up what a Mentorship Programme really is. It is highly recommended that if you are interested to know more about our Mentorship Programme, that you get in touch with us and have a one-on-one interaction or even better, come for the FREE Introduction we are having.

And just to be clear, there is absolutely NO obligation to join the programme when you get in touch with us. Drop in, say Hi, let's have a chat :)

Wishes & Riches,
Dr. Musa R. MD, CMT.
Mentor - in - Residence, BIC.
+91 93419 67573.

The Mentorship Programme is for those who seek value beyond theory and recognise that the final barriers to success are internal to oneself. That intensive One-on-One continuous ongoing engagement with an insightful & experienced person can provide invaluable inputs in dealing with these challenging barriers.

BIC's Mentorship Programme is a 2 year intensive programme for those whose Passion IS Markets. Interested? Then do attend the FREE Introduction.

Agenda:   Mentorship, Wealth Lab & Trading Room.
To discuss ALL issues related to the above and any other questions you may have.

Outcome:   To have clarity on: Deliverables, Tasks, Schedules, Content, Organisation, Fees, What to and what not to Expect and any other aspects related to the topic.

Who should come?  All those interested in the Mentorship Programme (which will include the Wealth Lab & Live Trading Room) are requested to attend. You are welcome even if you just have a casual / passing interest. Subsequent meetings will only be for those in the programme.

Date:     Let us know when you would like to come for a discussion.
Venue:   BIC Office. Click Here for directions.
Fees:     FREE.

Coming? If you are attending, please revert with a reply to this post. Also add any specific thoughts you have and any topics you would like discussed in the session.

Looking forward,
Wishes & Riches,

Dr. Musa R. MD, CMT.
+91 93419 67573.


The Mentorship Programme has been Designed & Structured by Dr. Musa R. MD, CMT. Dr. Musa will be the Lead Mentor for this Programme. Click here to know more about Dr. Musa.

The Mentorship Programme includes the following simultaneously running parts:

Part 1  - Knowledge & Skill Development:
  • 2 year flexible programme.
  • Building a core Body-of-Knowledge on Trading & Investing in a systematic, step-by-step integrated manner.
    • Participants will go through all the courses currently offered (and new ones which will be introduced) in an Integrated manner with an exclusive schedule for them. 
    • Deep & Highly Actionable Fundamental & Technical Analysis.
    • Global & Local Factor tracking & understanding.
  • Build practical experience in Trading & Investing with Practical Analysis which has Actionable Outcomes for YOU.
    • No unnecessary theory and jargon.
  • Minimum 20 full weekends will be required for those starting from scratch to attend all parts of the Curriculum.
  • Must have at least 10 hours per week to the Study, Research, Analysis, Group Sessions & Activities.
  • Deep & Meaningful Group Exercises, Research & Collaboration.

  • Access to Resources: Library & Members only online collaborations.
  • Flexible schedule to take into account group needs, holidays, etc.
  • Sessions will be both classroom & online via live & recorded webinars.
  • Access to all India Market Reviews over the 2 years.
  • Detailed Curriculum is available on request. 
    • There is much much more ...

Part 2 - Live Analysis, Trading & Investing. Strategy Creation.

We shall cover all approaches, techniques & strategies that are relevant for retail folks.
  • End of Day (EoD) analysis.
  • Day Trading.
  • Multi-week / month / year trading & investing.
  • Fundamental & Technical approaches.
  • Multi asset tracking, trading & investing.
    • Equity, Bonds, Forex, ETFs, REITs.
  • Investing & Trading in Indian & Global Markets.
    • Participants wishing to take advantage of global opportunities will need to have an international trading account with appropriate funding for the same. Step-by-step guidance will be provided for the same.
    • Those wishing to invest - trade in India can have a local trading account with any Indian broker.
In order to get the REAL, hands on feel for this, all participants will be required to have their own trading account & trading / investing capital. How much? That depends on each participant. The absolute minimum recommended is 3 lacs, 5 lacs is decent, more is better.

Part 3  - "Markets are not your Enemy. You are your Enemy!"
~ an often quoted proverb in the Markets.

Part 3 is perhaps the most important aspect of the Mentorship Programme.

All Traders & Investors hit a ceiling after a while. More knowledge and skill does not improve their performance. It is something inside them that is coming in the way. What?

It's our inner voices, our value systems, our (over!) education, our upbringing, our usually insufficient understanding of risk, of uncertainty & probability and much more.

An intrinsic part of the Mentorship Programme is Group & One-on-One discussions on the psychological, emotional, social and other not-skill issues of Effective Trading & Investing.

Group & Personalised coaching focused on individual needs that would:
  • Speed the Mentee's integrated assimilation of skills,
  • Acquisition of insights into oneself on what works & what does not and
  • Support & guide the Mentee in dealing with the psychological challenges of trading and investing and indeed of Wealth Creation itself !

  The Deliverables ...

The Deliverables of the Mentorship Progarmme.

  • For Each & Every Participant to Create their OWN Personalised Trading &/or Investment Approach.
  • For this Approach to be a Consistent & Reliable method of Analysis & Wealth Creation in the Long Term.
  • That this Approach works for their own unique requirements & circumstances.
  • That the Approach is based on Time-Tested Market Principles that work.
  • That the Participants have the ability to work upon & improve this approach as They & the Markets evolve.

A given:

At least some of the Mentorship Programme participants WILL be Millionaires on their own Merit on the basis of the Knowledge, Skills & Self-Awareness they will acquire in the Course.

At a deeper level:

Be prepared to have transformed view of the future and of life itself. Live more rooted in Reality and develop a keen eye to see Risk & Opportunity where none was visible before. And the impact this will have on your life & future is immeasurable.

Will YOU be one of the Elite ?
Interested? Curious? Is the Mentorship Programme for you?
Call us on +91 93419 67573 for a one-on-one discussion!

Wishes & Riches,
Dr. Musa R. MD, CMT.

   Interested / Have questions? Get in touch ...

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