Mutual Funds

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Mutual Funds - Overview

There are almost 1000 mutual funds schemes in India and the number of schemes are increasing every week. This is has made it a challenge for individuals and organisations to select, invest and follow up the funds. This course is designed for people with no or little knowledge and experience about Mutual Funds.

What are they, how do they work, what are the types, how do they work, how do they fit in overall financial planning for individuals, families and organisations? Should you invest in new funds, when to enter, when to exit and more. Our Mutual Funds Course will answer all this and more. 

Absolutely no prior knowledge is required and the course is open to all.

Course Contents

Topics covered are:

1. What are Mutual Funds and How do they work?
2. Brief practical history of Mutual Funds.
3. Types of Mutual Fund Schemes: Equity, Debt, Hybrid, Sector, Open, Closed, Fixed, Fund of Funds, Feeder, Real Estate Investment Trusts, Exchange Traded Funds, International and more.
4. Mutual Fund terms and concepts: NAV, Units, Loads, SIP, SWP, STP and more.
5. How individuals & families can use MFs for financial planning.
6. How companies & organisations can use MFs for investing & cash flow management.
7. Tax realated issues to Mutual Funds: Income, Capital Gains, Divident Distribution & Security Transaction Taxes.
8. Myths about Mutual Funds & avoiding common pitfalls.
9. Using Mutual Funds judiciously.
10. Mutual Funds marketing as an income-generating opportunity for individuals.
11. The future of Mutual Funds in India.


Ideal For

Individuals and persons in charge of finance at organisations will immensely benefit from the Course. Prior knowledge is not required; all terms & concepts will be explained from scratch with examples.

Sessions Format

The topics are covered over 2 full days. Organisations wishing to host the course in-house can have it over 2 full days or have it as half-day modules.

When & Where?

Training sessions can be conducted at our office or in-house at your organisation or a location of your convenience. Please Contact Us for information regarding the next course, venue etc.


Introductory Fee: Rs. 2,500/- per person for the 2 day session at our premises. (Inclusive of course fees, materials, lunch and refreshments).