NCFM - Overview

NCFM: NSE's Certification in Financial Markets is a nationally recognised certification which is mandatory for various professionals in capital markets in India. Individuals aspiring to enter the financial services industry in India have better prospects if they first get the NCFM certification.

BIC's training programmes provides a holistic understanding of the relevant financial sector (viz: capital markets, derivatives, mutual funds, depositories, surveillance aspects etc) WITH emphasis on the test areas. Participants are supported with multiple mock test to assess performance in the certification test.

Further information about the modules is available below. For full details, please visit the NCFM Website.

NCFM Modules

Bangalore Investors Club currently offers training for the following modules:

1. Financial Markets: A Beginners' Module
2. Derivatives Market (Dealers) Module
3. Capital Market (Dealers) Module
4. Securities Market (Basic) Module
5. FIMMDA-NSE Debt Market (Basic) Module
6. Surveillance in Stock Exchanges Module
7. NSDL - Depository Operations Module
8. Commodities Market Module
9. AMFI - Mutual Fund (Basic) Module
10. AMFI - Mutual Fund (Advisors) Module

Training for the following modules can be arranged on request.

11. Corporate Governance Module
12. Compliance Officers (Brokers) Module
13. Compliance Officers (Corporates) Module
14. Information Security Auditors Module (Part-1)
15. Information Security Auditors Module (Part-2)

Ideal For

The training is specifically designed for those appearing (or re-appearing) for the various NCFM Certifications.

While many people appear for the NCFM certifications for professional reasons, many also gain the certifications BEFORE getting into the profession. This gives a professional advantage to NFCM Certified individuals. In addition, some do the course purely for knowledge reasons as this makes them better investors & traders. 

The Presenter ...

The course will be delivered by Dr. Musa R Kaiser. Click Here to know more about the Course Presenter.

Sessions Content

1. Each course will cover the NCFM syllabus in DETAIL for that module. (Participants who have already registered with NCFM and received the Reading Material from NCFM are requested to bring their materials to the course).
2. Concepts & Terminologies will be explained from scratch.
3. A mock NFCM test will be conducted and evaluated. Topics of importance will be highlighted. Question types and answering techniques will be illustrated. 

Sessions Format

1. Semi-formal setting to facilitate understanding of the topics (rather than memorising it)
2. Discussion based and interactive. Participants are encouraged to ask as many questions as the like.

What can you expect?

1. A sound understanding of the Concepts covered in each module. This will go beyond just the learning required to do the NCFM exam well. It will allow you to have a more holistic and deeper understanding of the markets.
2. Appreciate the value of this knowledge and how it'll make a difference to your career and/or investing.
3. All you questions to be answered to your satisfaction.
4. After the training, to fly through the NCFM exam comfortably without stress.

Scheduled Courses, When & Where?

Capital Markets Dealers Module. It goes into depth about various technical and non-technical issues of the market. A good course for those who want a good foundational understanding of markets in India. It is a mandatory certification for brokers dealing on the spot (cash) market of the NSE. Click Here for Curriculum.

When: To be announced.

Derivatives Dealers Module. This module covers the Futures & Options trading issues in the Indian market with emphasis on the NSE procedures. Prior knowledge & experience of spot markets will allow for easier understanding of this module. It is a mandatory certification for brokers dealing on the derivatives market of the NSE. Also useful for those looking to test their foundational knowledge of Derivatives. Click Here for Curriculum.

When: To be announced.
Venue: To be announced.

1.5km from Commercial Street / Cantonment Railway Station / Ulsoor Lake. 200m from Sreeraj Lassi Bar at Coles Park, Fraser Town. We are located in the Service Road near Surya Kiran Apartments. Car Parking available. All city buses from 290 to 299 from all stations stop at the "Coles Park" bus stop.


Capital Markets Dealers Module: Rs. 3,000 - for course fees, lunches & taxes. Does not include NCFM fees.
Derivatives Dealers Module: Rs. 4,000 - for course fees, lunches & taxes. Does not include NCFM fees.

NCFM Registration:  Rs. 1,150 per module - Only for those who have NOT registered for the NCFM exam and wish to do so through us. We will get the NCFM registration done on your behalf. The fee is inclusive of charges to be paid to NCFM. 

Fees can be paid by cash / online. Cheques will accepted but need to clear before the course begins.

Out station participants

Bangalore Investors Club will be happy to assist you in making arrangements for stay in Bangalore. This can be arranged as per your requirements. We can also arrange very cost effective stay with breakfast & dinner for Rs. 500/- per person per day at a place walking distance from the venue - subject to availability. The place is easily accessible by city bus, auto-rickshaw and is 1 km from Bangalore's Cantonment Railway station. Pick-up from Cantonment Railway station can be arranged.

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