New Initiatives

13 Feb 2014.
Hi All,

My heartfelt thanks to all those who responded to the New Initiative post. Thank you for your interest & the feedback you wrote in with. There was definitely value in all the responses and helped get some clarity on the next steps. Well, it's now time to proceed to the next step, a meeting to discuss the matter in details. (If you missed the post, click here to catch up with the post.)

Agenda:   Brainstorming Session on New Initiatives.
I shall elaborate my thoughts on each of the Initiatives.
All attendees can offer their ideas & criticisms on each.
Also bring up any other ideas they feel should be a part of the Initiatives.

Who can come?  Anyone who is Serious about being involved with some meaningful time & effort in any one or more of the proposed initiatives.

Meet:     Sat 15 Feb, 6.30 - 9.30 PM.
Venue:   BIC Office. 45 Netaji Road, Fraser Town, Bangalore - 560 005. Click Here for directions.
Fees:     FREE.

Coming? If you are attending, please revert with a reply to this post. Also add any specific thoughts you have and any topics you would like discussed in the session.

Looking forward,
Wishes & Riches,

Dr. Musa R. MD, CMT.
93419 67573.

06 Feb 2014.

Hi All,

I have decided to get cracking on a few things in 2014.
Here are some ideas I would like to share with you:

But first, please treat this as a personal note to each one of you. Kindly go through the note in detail and please take the time to get in touch with ANYTHING you have to say on ANY of the ideas I have shared below.

I.  I have decided to get into the Markets a lot more actively.
I shall be doing this over the next few weeks and get into a regular rhythm over time.
No, I am NOT thinking of day trading etc but I will be keeping a much more active watch on mkt data, events, etc. I am excited to see where this nth innings takes me ...

II.  I have decided to put into action some ideas.
I have mentioned these ideas in sessions & have now decided to go ahead with them.
I am writing to you to invite your participation in them, before I throw them open to all in BIC. So please do get in touch with your inputs asap.

Ready? Here goes:
I am looking to implement the following items:

1.  Trading Room.
I am planning to set up a trading room at BIC.
At the very least, it will have the basic minimum for trading:
Proper furniture, power with backup & internet. Anything else will get added over time.
Looking to have minimum 5, maximum 10 folks in the trading room for now.
There will be monthly fee payable to access the trading room.
Details, other facilities (refreshments, lunch, recreation etc) being worked out ...

2.  Internship(s).
To assist & develop on my Market tracking, activity, trading etc, I am looking for an Intern cum Assistant. Someone with basic to good knowledge of equity markets, good experience with trading terminal(s) (TradeTiger, ODIN, etc) computers, internet and related stuff. Knowledge of GDocs, Wiki etc will be very useful. Should be a self-starter, highly motivated and willing to learn.

Internship will be based in BIC so the person will need to come to BIC on a regular full-time basis. Be all set to track markets at BIC by 8.30 am. Day will NOT end before 5 pm. Mon to Fri minimum. Will be required to complete some NSE / BSE / NISM Certifications. Support for the same will be provided.

Will need to work from home as and when required. Should have a good internet connection at home. This is a learning opportunity and will evolve over time. Minimum commitment of 6 mths. They may or may NOT be a Stipend.

3.  Mentorship Programme.
I am proposing to commence the Mentorship Programme.
Basic details are already on the website. Details need to be worked out with the participants, if any. This will be an intensive programme involving one-on-one with me on personal trading & investing approaches.

For NEW participants plan to join the Mentorship Progarmme, then will go through a structured 1 year course. For EXISTING participants of BIC, especially those who have completed EqNS, F&O & Indicators or any of these courses, we will work out an individual strategy to get everyone in the group sync. New courses on Stop Losses, Money Management, Advanced TA & FA, Strategies, Self-development & more will be part of this programme.

The programme will require a good deal of reading, research, putting together market related stuff, group activities & more. Expect it to be rigorous and demanding of your commitment to the Markets. How much time & effort will be required will vary. I am looking to create a core group of highly accomplished traders from this initiative.

Fees has not been decided and will be decided based on the final structure of the Mentorship programme. I am not sure how many folks are really committed to a rigorous programme like this. Let's see if there is a felt need for this. Plan to keep the numbers small (max 12) to be able to stay focused on the group AND each individual.

4. Software Development.
There is a great need for market tracking & analysis software that really caters to needs serious traders & investors like us. I have looked around a lot and come to the conclusion that stuff like what we need simply does not exist for the retail community. I therefore would like to see if a team can be put together for this. Skills required are the following:

* Programming: C/C++ or Java
* Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLITE or MSSQL ; ODBC/JDBC
* Web application development: PHP, HTML5, CSS, jQuery, charting libraries, etc.
* Excel and excel macros.

I have no clue as to how to go about this.
Looking for support, ideas, hand holding etc on getting this accomplished.

5.  Expand & Market BIC & our Courses.
It's time for BIC to grow! And BIC Needs its own team for that. I am looking at the following:

* Marketing: Folks who have lots of contacts & can get Free to Dream sessions organised. This can be at companies, clubs, associations, apartments etc. The person will have to take initiatives & efforts required to get the FTD organised. Looking at minimum 30 participants at a FTD, can be 100+ also, no problem! FTDs can be customised / shortened based on need. All support needed from myself will be provided.

* FTD Speakers: Interested in presenting the Free to Dream Session? Super! Must have good communication & inter-personal skills, an unshakable faith & belief in the Markets, and believe that Financial Literacy makes a difference that matters. Most importantly you really really want share with other folks about what is possible!

* BIC Faculty: Would like to present BIC Courses? Excellent.
Then you know how much you will need to know!

I have not worked out how this will work on the financial side but it will be remunerative. I am open to ideas, suggestions & partnerships. In addition, I promise that getting involved in any of these roles, especially as Faculty will impact your trading & investing very positively. Won't be easy but if you have Passion for the Markets & in interacting with People then you have all the right qualities already.

6.  Micro-Investing.
Micro-Investing is about having the lower sections of the society benefit from the economic growth of this country. At BIC, we did attempt this and you can read about this here. I would like to reach out to our domestic workers, auto wallas, street cleaners and have them invest small but regular amounts for their & their family's future. I have had some very limited success in this area but would like to do re-start this at a community level & a lot more rigorously. This is a completely Not-for-Profit initiative.

Well, I have said a lot already.
I plan to work on each one of the above activities very seriously at the earliest and all through 2014. If you are interested in being a part of any of these initiatives, then do get in touch with me asap. I am sure some of you at least will have lots of questions, ideas & suggestions. I INVITE YOU to send all those to me asap. Call, e-mail, come over, skype, whatever works for you! I look forward to your inputs.

I am looking to build Team BIC that shares a vision & purpose. If you feel you want to be a part of this and contribute & benefit from any of these initiatives in anyway to this, then please do get in touch!

Looking forward,
Wishes & Riches,

93419 67573.