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Hi All,

I am delighted to share the following:

Sampath Kumar, a BIC Member has taken the initiative to organise a group of young adults and their parents for an interactive session on Creating Wealth for the Young. Our first session exclusively for the young folks was on 15 Nov 2014.

It was a terrific session with 27 young folks and eye-opening for all. The kids participated with great interest and it was HUGE eye opener for adults I was very pleasantly shocked as to how fast and well the kids took to the world of Money & Wealth.

With this very delightful and encouraging experience, we are now having a 3rd session as detailed below. (The 2nd one was on 29 Nov).

So do take full advantage of this one and come over. It will be great to have you. NOTE: The session is primarily for young adults above 12 years age but ADULTSs are most welcome. I think the adults enjoyed our first session as much as the young folks and so far our star performer was a 10 year old.

But first, let me tell you why I am delighted ...

Any of you who have attended any of BIC's sessions would have been part of the many discussions on how HUGE a difference it would make to lives of young people if they were financially savvy. As you all know, we have spoken to great lengths about doing something about this.

Finally now, thanks to Sampath, we are moving forward on this. For those who relate to the idea, you will probably appreciate the significance of these first steps. So before, I go ahead, I wish to place my Heartfelt Thanks to Sampath for getting this off. Thank you Sampath!

Here are the details:

Topic:   Creating Wealth for Young Adults !
            An interactive, thought provoking & fun session for Young Adults aged 15 and
            above. And their Supporters: parents, brothers, sisters, cousins & friends !

            Yes, yes, Adults & Grandparents are also Welcome & Encouraged to come !!! 
            For some details of what we will cover - see below.

Date:    To Be Announced.

To Be Announced.

   BIC. 45 Netaji Road, Fraser Town, Bangalore - 560 005.
     for directions.

To Be Announced.

Seats:    Very limited. Sampath has already booked half the capacity for yet another
              group of young adults! 
So call in & register early.

Online?   We will try but I honestly don't think it will be as fun & as effective as you being here. But yes, I am aware there are practical issues of distance, traffic & travel and we will try & see if this can be streamed online. I need help on this and if anyone can help with the tech setup for "full & meaningful" experience for online participants, kindly do get in touch with me asap.

Some thoughts:

1. Especially those ...
who have attended BIC programmes & are using the knowledge gained, you ALL know what we are trying to achieve here. I request each one of you personally to take full advantage of this first session. How? Come with your kids & young adults in your family & friends circle. And before you arrive give them an introduction & heads-up of what it's going to be about and what to (and not to) expect.

And hey, if you have never attended a BIC Session, that's fine, this could perhaps be a really nice introduction to a BIC Session so please do come with your kids.

2.  Requesting support from the Adults:
My plan is to have a fun, interactive, engaging and impactful session with the youngsters. At the end of the sessions, I hope we will be able to ignite some deep interest in the Minds of the Youngsters. I cannot do this alone and I request your presence & contribution. Some thoughts on how: Sit with your kids, engage with them, prompt them to think & participate. Take the conversation home with you!

3.  What are we going to cover?
Once I have asked the audience some ice-breaker questions to get some sense of where the kids are with regards to their knowledge about money, investing and their dreams & aspirations,
I will go with the flow.

We will interactively discuss The Huge Difference Time Makes in Wealth Creation, The Various Ways of Investing, Opportunities & Challenges for them, Valuing Money they are getting Now and how it could be 10-100x more if they Invested rather than (only) spent ...

How Attitude, Knowledge, Conviction & Patience makes the difference to success. And I shall use some real life examples they can relate to, to get these points across. Finally, I shall try and connect all this to any Role Models & Heros they have in their life when it comes to Money & Wealth ...

Adults: I hope the above meets with your approval. Do let me know.

4.  Most Importantly ... 
I KNOW that each and every one is brimming with Ideas how to make this an effective & impactful session. I really want to know what you are thinking and the ideas you have. So, please get in touch asap and share your thoughts. Let's really get together and make a deep positive impact for the next gen! Are you IN on this?

To Register, Share your Ideas & Just Talk, call me on +91 93419 67573 or drop in!
Really really looking forward to Monday,
Dr. Musa. MD, CMT.