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We offer the following courses via Live Webinars.

- please visit each course page for details of the course.

If you interested in any of the courses through the web, please fill this survey.

We schedule the online courses to suit the convenience of the participants and we now have the ability to offer ONE on ONE courses.
We are happy to share more details with you. Kindly Contact Us to know more.

1.  Investing in Equity
a 16 hr crash course on stock markets.

2.  Equity - Next Step
a comprehensive 100+ hr course on the stock markets.

3.  Fundamental Analysis
all about FA with live data and analysis, 18 hrs.

4.  Dow Theory
from basics to advanced techniques with live analysis. 24 hrs.

5.  Japanese Candlesticks
from basic to advnaced techniques with live analysis, 18 hrs.

6.  Futures

all about Futures, sound theory & practicals. 16 hrs.

7.  Options
all about Options, sound theory & practicals. 16 hrs.

8.  Deriavatives Strategies

simple to complex Derivative Strategies using underlyings, futures & options contracts. 24 hrs.

9.  Free to Dream
an eyeopener on the importance of financial planning & financial literacy. Focus on the Indian setting. 5 hrs. This Webinar is FREE.

Points to note:

1.  The courses will be Live.
2.  Interaction is possible through live voice and chat.
3.  You only need a computer with an internet connection and a browser. NO installations are required at your end.
4.  The schedule of the courses can be flexible to suit participants convenience.
5.  Fees for the online courses will be the same as in-person courses.

Please click the Quick Courses Link and click on the course for further details on each of the above courses.

To see Currently Scheduled webinars
Please click here to visit our  Webinars page