Course Timings & Locations ...

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BIC Courses on Weekdays ...                                                        

If you would like to attend any of BIC's Courses but find the schedule inconvenient, please do let us know.

Other than weekends, we can offer our courses on Weekdays at our office / elsewhere subject to minimum group size for that particular course.
  • If you are a group then we may even be able to custom fit your timings.
  • If you are a single (or few) participant(s), still contact us.
    • If there are others who have expressed interest for the same timings that you request, then together we maybe able to form a group and and voila, the course is on!

Also note:

All of BIC's Courses are modular and can be taken one module at a time.

For example, the Investing in Equity course which is over 2 full days would be conducted over 5 half days with each session of 3 hours duration.

You might like to to participate in the

  • Morning Session - 10 am to 1 pm. Wonderful for HomeMakers who can come after their kids are gone and need be back before the kids are back from school.
  • Afternoon Session - 3 pm to 6 pm. Ideal for folks in night-shifts & night owls. Come after a good sleep and head to work after the course.
  • Evening Session - 7 pm to 10 pm. Ideal for working folks & college students who can come in after work / college.
  • Of course, all sessions are open to all :)
Let us know what 3 hours you prefer and we will do our best to slot that for you(r group).

Contact Us to and let us know your preferences.

BIC Courses at Other Locations ...                                               

Bangalore has exploded and there are many folks who live and work just in one area of Bangalore and never step out of their 5 km radius. So for a lot of folks, especially outside 7 km radius of MG Road, BIC's Location can look "far" in spite of it being in proper old Bangalore!

If you find BIC's Office to be "far", then you will be happy to note that BIC is happy to offer its courses in other locations in Bangalore AND other cities of India. We will bring the course to you but we need you help. We would need assistance for the following:
  • Local logistics:
    • A place where we can deliver the class. Even a large living room is fine, to seat at least 6-10 people comfortably.
    • Power backup (UPS or generator with a few hours capacity).
    • Wi-Fi internet access for participants and presenter. (We'll bring the wireless router if you have the net connection but no wireless).
    • Support with refreshments & food.
    • We will bring all the materials, projector, laptop, etc.
    • And of course, would be happy to pay for the above.
  • Need a place to stay & local transportation - if the event is outside Bangalore.
  • We can only do the above if we have minimum required participants for the particular course.
    • BIC will support in all ways possible to help generate the quorum.
      All of BIC's resources are at your disposal. Let us know how we can support you.
  • Most importantly, some really nice folks. We just love meeting interesting folks :)
Single participant / small group? No problem! Even if you cannot support with the above but would like to participate when a course near you is available, do let us know - you just might be the one everyone in your neighbourhood is waiting for the the course to start!

Contact Us to and let us know your preferences.