Point & Figure Charting.

  Point & Figure Charting

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Point & Figure Charting or P&F
has been around for over 100 years. The earliest book on Point & Figure was written in 1898. De Villiers & Taylor in their 1993 book said P&F was over 60 years old then. In recent times, Jeremy du Plessis has made significant contribution to the world of Point & Figure.

One would expect that a theory that is 100+ years old would be well known and followed in Technical Analysis. However, except dedicated Technical Analysts, few in the public have benefited from its unique approach to price analysis.

Some of the the important aspects of P&F are:
  • It's unique & amazing ability to filter out noise in the continuous steam of price data and clearly show unambiguous Trends: Up, Down & Congestion.
  • No Time on its x-axis and hence focusing on the ONLY thing that matters: Price!
  • Ability to provide price targets, entry & exit levels.
The above 3 aspects make Point & Figure an approach to Technical Analysis in a class of its own!

Given these highly actionable traits of P&F Charting, BIC's Course on Point & Figure
course will take you all the way from the Basics of P&F to practical application of P&F on live up-to-date charts.

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  Point & Figure Charting - Course Contents

 Day 1

What is Point & Figure Charting?
Starting with how did P&F Charts get their name, we look at the history & innovative thinking that lies behind P&F.

Construction of P&F Charts.
What are X's and O's and how they indicate Up and Down moves.
Box Size and Reversal Size. What are they & how they impact the chart.
No Time and No Volume on P&F Charts.

Types of Point & Figure Charting.
Various types: 1, 2, 3 & 5 Box Charts. How to construct & unique properties of each.
Asymmetric Filters.
Intra day vs End of Day P&F Charts.

 Day 2

P&F Patterns.
Trendlines, Double & Triple Tops & Bottoms. Triangles, types & significance.
Traps: Bull & Bear Traps, Shakeouts. Poles & Congestion Analysis.

Price Targets.
Horizontal & Vertical Counts. How to calculate in different types of P&F Charts.
Opposing counts & Negating Counts.

Choosing cor
rect box & reversal size.
Using different time frames.
Entries & Stops in P&F Charts.

  Course Presented by ...

The course will be delivered by Dr. Musa R Kaiser, MD, CMT.
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  Sessions Format

The course is usually over 2 full days, usually over a weekend. Both days from 9.30am to 6.30pm, with lunch & tea breaks. The Course can be also be delivered in smaller sessions (each of 3-4 hours) and spread over a week.

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  Ideal For

Prior knowledge and experience of technical analysis is NOT necessary to attend this workshop. However, those with exposure to Dow Theory and / or Japanese Candlesticks will find it easier to learn P&F Charting.

The Course is ideal for Investors and traders looking to take their TA knowledge to the next level. All concepts and terms are explained from scratch with live examples to reinforce the learning.

  What can you expect?

1.  A sound understanding of Point & Figure Charting. Not only the know How but also the know Why of the price movements.

2.  Be able to identify Entry and Exit levels based on P&F with clear understanding of the Rationale behind those levels.

3.  The deeper understanding of the dynamic forces of demand & supply in the markets helps you make Sound and Confident investment & trading decisions.

4.  Understand Risk, Reward and how their analysis can be effectively used to increase profit and reduce risk.

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  When & Where

Dates:       Next Course date to be announced. Contact Us for updates.
Timings:    9.30 am to 7 pm both days.
Venue:      45, Netaji Road, Fraser Town, (Near Cant Rly Stn), Bangalore - 560 005.
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Early Bird Price: Rs. 14,950.
Spot Registration on Day 1: Rs. 19,950/- per person (cash only).
Fees are all inclusive of course fees, materials, refreshments & taxes.

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