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  BIC Investment RoundTable


I am very happy to announce that the Investment Round Table has been scheduled.
Please register for the session EARLY as we plan to have it for a small group.

Bur first, Thank you to one and ll to those who responded to the heads-up mail on the Investment RoundTable. We have taken the inputs from all those who responded and come up with the following.

Agenda:   Please see below.

Date:       SATURDAY, 28 March.
Time:      8.30 am to 6.30 pm.

Venue:    BIC. 45 Netaji Road, Fraser Town, Blr - 5.

Fees:       INR 4,950 - all inclusive.
               Presentation handouts, Refreshments, Lunch - All Inclusive!

To Register, please revert with your expression on interest asap!
Suggestions are welcome. Really looking forward to the event.

Wishes & Riches,
Dr. Musa. MD CMT.
+91 93419 67573.


Topic 1:     A Fundamental Review of Sector Indices with a Quant & Stat twist.
Speaker:   Balaji Kanan - BIC's resident Statistics guru!

Balaji has over 10 years of deep stats experience. He is speaker at national level conferences & last gave a talk on Stochastic Life Prediction Approaches (only he and God know what that is !!). He lives and breath's applied, on-the-job deep statistics. It's his one point passion in life. A rare breed indeed !!

He will bring his expertise and show us a Ranking & Probability approach to Investing layered with Risk Reward & Return expectation going forward. All this based on deep statistical analysis of fundamental data of sectors.

Topic 2:     Targets for stocks at Life Highs - a Point & Figure approach.
Speaker:   Balakrishna Rao - BIC's resident Political black-eye!

Balakrishna Rao, Captain of BIC's flagship Mentorship Programme or Balki for short is one of those admirably persistent guys whose motto is "Never Give Up!" An inspiration in his ability to rally folks and see the larger good. He is now wondering what to do with the Markets at life highs? Aren't we all?

Well, he is going to use Point & Figure charting to show us what possible levels various stocks could go to, even though they are already at life highs. He will demonstrate with live charts what the targets are AND explain how those levels have been calculated. He will also set stop losses and show us some high probability LIVE setups that you could trade.

Topic 3:     Interactive Brokers - Amazing things it does & how we could prosper!
Speaker:   Sampath Kumar - BIC's resident Interactive Brokers Know-It-All ... !

Sampath is discovering what Markets can do in a REAL terms. He is grappling with how to take advantage of all the immense opportunities he is constantly discovering. His views on Life & Markets are undergoing a radical transformation and he is struggling with that - in a very nice way indeed. It is a joy to see his delight after he does his trades, especially the F&O ones.

Sampath is also amongst the few in BIC who are actively digging into the ever deepening pit of what Interactive Brokers can do. He has been sharing with us on a weekly basis this or that update about IB. It is indeed amazing as to what all IB can do how much unnecessary suffering we are undergoing and also the tremendous opportunities we are loosing by NOT availing the fantastic feature it offers.

Sampath will run us through his key "WoW" moments of his journey with IB and what all he is realising from a practical Indian investment - trading perspective. And he will do this with his own live IB account & terminal.

Topic 4:     Portfolio Construction.
Speaker:   Musa - BIC's resident Yapper ... !

Musa needs the smallest excuse to start talking. And once he starts, he does not stop. He can be engaging but also very exasperating, especially when he does not stop on the clock! So in this session he has resolved to talk as little as possible!

He will at the end, present an in-depth technical approach to investing & trading into what all was discussed in the above sessions. Most likely, this discussion will illustrate what goes into constructing & managing a portfolio. How should one approach it and once constructed, how does one manage it?

For those who wish to have a structured approach to ones OVERALL investments rather than a mish-mash of stocks, this would be an insightful session.

And we have to cover all this is just ONE DAY ... !!!
So as you can see, this is going to be a really packed session.

Each of the presenters are going through their presentations several times to make them Compact, Focused & Impacting, not to mention Interactive & Memorable - all in an amicable &

I look forward to your inputs & suggestions on the above. And of course to your PARTICIPATION in the same. And, If you would like to support, help, get involved in any way, please do let us know asap !!

Wishes & Riches,
Dr. Musa. MD, CMT.
+91 93419 67573.

If we have time, we will spend some time on:

Topic:       A review of Defence Stocks and their potential over the next few years.
Speaker:  Bobby Joseph - BIC's resident Thematic mongoose!

Bobby has a unique set of skills in his ability to identify stocks that have multibagger potentials. Those of us in the Mentorship Programme are mighty impressed by his tenacity and sometimes, scatter brain approach to identifying below-the-radar stocks. Stocks he has identified over the last few weeks have already gone up 50-100% and the potential for more is HUGE.

Bobby will share with us his findings and layout a well researched landscape of what we can expect. He will be discussing specific stocks, what the companies are up to and the potential for each going forward. You will leave very enlightened about what all is happening in the shadows of the the Defence world and the potential to make money from that!