Technical Indicators

  Technical Indicators - Overview

The markets generate 2 types of basic data: Price of the security and the Volume (of transactions or units traded). And there is a 3rd data point: Time.

Technical Indicators use one or more of this raw data as inputs to various techniques to give insight into the Market behaviour - a sort of inside, x-ray picture of what the Market is doing and is likely to do. These techniques are what constitute the field of Technical Indicators (TIs) - a field of study within Technical Analysis.

Technical Indicators is an extremely valuable complement to basic Technical Analysis (of any type: Dow Theory, Candlesticks, Point & Figure, Elliot Wave, etc) and enables the Investor - Trader to make more informed and higher probability decisions on his market positions.

Often, Technical Indicators will provide answers at times when the basic Technical Analysis does not signal a clear cut direction of what the market is likely to do next.

BIC's Indicators course focuses on the important, time tested and widely used Technical Indicators. It provides the participants a sold foundation on which they can dwell deep into various related Technical Indicators (there are hundreds) on their own.

The course is hands on & practical with Live analysis and demonstrations using Technical Indicators and how they can be used effectively for different types of trading and investing.

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  Course Contents

Topics and schedule:

Part 1.
1. What are Technical Indicators?
2. Types of Technical Indicators
3. Understanding Divergence
4. Uses of Technical Indicators
5. Tools for effective use of Technical Indicators - online, free & paid resources
6. Pros & Cons of Technical Indicators

Part 2.
1. MAs: Moving Averages - how they work and what they say
2. Types of Moving Averages
3. MACD: Moving Average Convergence & Divergence Indicator
4. Using Moving Averages of short term trading and long term investing
5. Envelope Indicators: Bollinger Bands, Standard Deviation & Standard Error envelopes
6. Practical exercises using the above

Part 3.
1. RSI: Relative Strength Index
2. Stochastics
3. Directional Movement Indicators: ADX
4. PSAR: Parabolic Stop & Reverse
5. Practical exercises on the above

Part 4.
1. OBV: On Balance Volume
2. PVT: Price Volume Trend
3. Market Wide Indicators.
4. Integrating Technical Analysis with Technical Indicators
5. Practical exercises on the above

Note: Each part of the course is over one to several teaching sessions.


1. Participants having a laptop can bring it along so that they can practically do what is being discussed.

2. Those coming with a laptop need to come 20 min early so that we can have the laptop connected to our wireless network. This will allow you to access the Internet to visit free chart resources and follow what will be demonstrated.

3. If you have TA software on your laptop, then great, just what you need to learn well.

4. You will be provided with a FREE One Month Trial of Investar India's TA + Data software during this course. T&C apply. Contact us for details.

5. Power connections and wireless internet will be provided.

  Course Presented by ...

The course will be delivered by Dr. Musa R Kaiser, MD, CMT.
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  Sessions Format

The Technical Indicators course is presented over 10+ weekends. 2 sessions per weekend of 3 hours each or as a 5 day, full time back-to-back course.

In each session, a set of "related" indicators are discussed and practical uses of the same are demonstrated. The emphasis is on the practical aspects and understanding of the inner - workings of the various indicators (versus a mechanical understanding). This would enable the participants to make superior judgements and have an intuitive understanding of the tools.

There is generous use of web-based resources that participants can access with their laptops.

The Course can be also be customised to your requirement. Contact Us for any special requirements such as In-House programmes etc.

  Ideal For

Serious Investors and Traders looking for in-depth understanding of how Technical Indicators work, on what they are based and how to effectively use them. The course is relevant to those who will be doing their own Technical Analysis and / or going through research & trading reports that contain a high level of technical information.

Prior knowledge of Technical Indicators is NOT necessary. Some knowledge of Technical Analysis (TA) would be an advantage to those attending this course. All concepts and terms are explained from scratch with exercises to reinforce the learning.


  What can you expect?

1. A sound understanding of Technical Indicators: their principles and inner workings.

2. When & how to use Technical Indicators

3. How to be "earlier & safer" in your trades & investments therefore generating greater profits

4. Use the skills from this course to do start a more advanced study of Technical Analysis and Technical Indicators.

5. For the inclined: learn how to build your own indicators.

After the Technical Indicators Course, stay in touch with like minded people and refine your learning and experience by participating in BIC's weekly India Market Reviews.

  When & Where

Dates:         SATURDAY, 1 July. 1st Session is FREE to All.
Timings:     10.30 AM to 1 PM.
Venue:       45, Netaji Road, Fraser Town, (Near Cant Rly Stn), Bangalore - 560 005.
                  Directions - click here & BIC on Google Maps.

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Early Bird Price: Rs. 54,950.
For those who have done EqNS or FnO Course, Rs. 49,950 (Rs. 5,000 discount).
Fees are all inclusive of course fees, materials, refreshments & taxes.

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