The Masters Trading Group.

The Rewards of Trading ARE tempting & ARE truly reachable, but - not for all!

Over the years, more and more folks at BIC have gotten into Trading. Many experience considerable success and failures, more frustrations than joy and wonder when their Pot of Gold will arrive!

Everyone who set's out on this journey significantly underestimates what is required to consistently succeed and at some point recognise's that it takes much more than just knowledge, charts & trading access!

Those who are determined to succeed realise that …

Creating a Strategy (while not getting tempted to seek the Holy Grail), having the Discipline to stick to it (and not getting disheartened when the quick results don’t come) and putting in place proper Risk Management takes Huge Amounts of Commitment, Emotional Strength, Deep Conviction, Stamina, Patience AND further, is really learnt only AFTER folks get into the Markets. No point teaching all this in a classroom!

Anyone who has attempted anything (even remotely) along these lines will agree that these are attributes so much easier to build as a member of a team where everyone is striving for those very same goals and one can discuss Market Theory & Practical Action.

For quite sometime now, there have been murmurings about this at BIC and what is to be done to address these issues. Finally, after many ideas have been floated and folks have expressed various degrees of interest & commitment, its time to act. Hence ...

BIC is happy to announce the formation of The Masters Trading Group.
With just ONE Goal for all its members: To Be MasterTraders.

A MasterTrader is one:
  • Who is Willing to do Everything it Takes
  • To Excel in the Markets
  • With such Excellence being Demonstrated by Results Consistently Achieved
  • And New Benchmarks set.

To be a part of The Masters Trading Group:


•    Done the Equity – Next Step and the Derivatives Course OR you have sound knowledge of Fundamental, Technical & other concepts covered in these courses.
•    Have charting software that you update daily.
•    A Trading account with minimum 2 lacs funding.
•    Are Trading on a regular basis (min 2 trades a month for the last one year).
•    Able to commit at least 5 hours / week for group activities and more hours for background work.
•    An Open Mind and willingness to read, learn, prepare & share ideas and research.

In case you do not fulfil any of the above criteria, then you must provide a time-bound commitment to put in place anything missing.

and Preferably …

•    Can demonstrate an “approach” that you use in your trades.
•    Comfortable with Excel and researching the internet
•    Have technology skills that you can bring to the group (coding, excel, analytical, database or anything that you feel would be a contribution!)
•    Access to data / skills / people / knowledge bases which you can contribute to support members reach their goals.

While the criteria above are not strict and there is some flexibility, the group is NOT open for novices and folks new to the markets. Basic knowledge IS assumed and only advanced topics, real time analysis, live trading et al will be the core issues discussed in the group.

Still interested?
If you would like to join the group or have suggestions, please fill this form.

What next?
We shall collate all the inputs from all interested and call for a meeting where we shall get together and discuss steps to move forward. Watch out for the announcement!

Call 93419 67573 between 4.30 and 6.30 pm any weekday.